Need Turck MMCache for PHP 5.0SP1

  • Alexander Wilhelm


    i develop an application in PHP 5.0SP1 and i want use Turck MMCache. When Turck MMCache for PHP 5.0 will come?

    • Brian Moon

      Brian Moon - 2004-04-12

      Well, PHP 5.0 will need to come out first.  Only RC1 has been released.

    • Alexander Wilhelm

      Can somebody can create and public a release for PHP 5.0SP1? I need it for testing the performace of my applications.

    • Hős Endre

      Hős Endre - 2004-04-16

      Hi! Just check out the project from the CVS, and compile it. If you are rolling w1ndows, I can send you the development build for testing. The problem why MMCache 2.4.7 haven't been released yet is the loader fails to restore the CATCH operation code, and crashes. Otherwise, the 2-4-7-CVS version seems to work together with PHP5.0.0RC1.
      I will reserve some time again to continue fixing the stuff. Let me know, if you need the DLL!

    • David Seidel

      David Seidel - 2004-04-20


      I'm tried to use turck-mmcache 2-4-7 CVS with PHP5RC1 but it crashes with a seg-fault:

      child pid 6599 exit signal Segmentation fault (11)
      [6598] MMCACHE: PHP crashed on opline 10 of main() at /srv/www/htdocs/bluewonder_neo/bluewonder/lib/db/DBTable.php:22

      the line 22 of my Script: require_once(PATH_LIB_EXCEPTION.DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR."KeyError.php");

      Without mmcache everything runs without any errors.

      I hope you can help me.


    • David Seidel

      David Seidel - 2004-04-20

      i use RC2-dev. sorry.


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