zend vs ioncube vs mmcache

  • Eric Robibaro

    Eric Robibaro - 2004-03-31

    question, I'm installing a host for reseller web hosting etc...
    I'm looking into the optimal combination of acceleration vs products my clients want...

    I have got modernbill(in zend mode, not ioncube) working alongside mmcache.  Now I'm trying to tackle lpanel which uses ioncube.  Can this be done? I try to put the ioncube loader extension before mmcache in my config, but so far no go. 
    Do I need to put the ioncube loader AFTER the zend opt? or before?

    Thanks in advance

    • David

      David - 2004-04-03

      No, the ionCube would refuse to loads if the extention isn't proven "safe"

    • Eric Robibaro

      Eric Robibaro - 2004-04-05

      ok guess that means I need to switch my modernbill to ioncube and use an ioncube-compatible extension then :(


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