on-the-fly modify of mmcache parameters

  • Andreas Lange

    Andreas Lange - 2004-01-13

    what to do: disable mmcache for a specific directory

    i tried the following:

    1) php.ini:

    2) .htaccess inside the test directory:
    php_value "mmcache.enable" "0"

    3) .htaccess inside the test directory:
    php_admin_value "mmcache.enable" "0"

    Nothing worked...

    Yes, it is the loaded php.ini
    Yes, the .htaccess files generally work

    Did i miss something?

    I tried to do this, cause phpinfo(); always crash with 2.4.6 on my machine ...

    So somebody has a solution or another workaround?

    • Jason Sheets

      Jason Sheets - 2004-01-21

      You should be able to use php_value mmcache.enable 0 to disable MMcache for a specific directory.

      This works on my Apache 1 FreeBSD 5.2 server running PHP 4.3.4 with Turck MMCache 1.3.6

      Make sure you have Apache configured to allow you to set these options via .htaccess

      If you are running Windows make sure you are using the correct extension command in your php.ini file and that you are using the correct mmcache version for your PHP version.

    • David

      David - 2004-02-17

      Someone should add into the documentation which settings are PHP_INI_ALL/PHP_INI_SYSTEM...


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