mmcache.compress vs. zlib.output_compression

  • Andreas Korthaus


    I think mmcache.compress and zlib.output_compression do the same thing, they compress HTML-Output of PHP.

    But which one should I use? At the moment I have both enabled, but this is not what I want ;-)

    What happends if I have both enabled? Is it compressed twice? Or which one is used?

    What is the advantage of using mmcache.compress over zlib.output_compression?

    At the moment I have the following configuration:


    zlib.output_compression    On
    zlib.output_compression_level    -1

    mmcache.compress  1

    What would you use for these parameters?

    Does mmcache need the php zlib module?

    Thank you!


    • walt

      walt - 2004-02-18

      I think mmcache compress is just how it stores the scripts on disk or memory -

      Pls someone correct me if i am wrong.

      Thinking of which - if I have the memory would it be faster to set this to false?

    • David

      David - 2004-03-19

      This only applies to caching of full page
      The output would stored compressed and streamed when requested

      The zlib functions compress on-the-fly, meaning every time the page is requested, it will recompress it, waste of CPU :)


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