trouble with php5

  • Justin Mitchell

    Justin Mitchell - 2004-07-24


    I'd been running mmcache with php 4.3.x for a while, and I recently upgraded to php 5. I removed mmcache at the time, because I wasn't sure if it was compatible. I just attempted to use the cvs version, but am having trouble. It compiles just fine, but I get lots of random errors (various functions will inconsistantly fail... most scripts won't load).

    Has anyone had this sort of behaviour? Any thoughts?


    • Floris

      Floris - 2004-07-25

      I used to run mmcache with php5.0b3 without any problems, but upgraded to php5.0 with mmcache-cvs a few days ago.

      I am having some problems since as well.
      Things like phpbb run fine, but other stuff like PEAR QuickForms fails.
      Have therefore disabled mmcache for the time being..


    • Marc Vanbrabant

      Marc Vanbrabant - 2004-08-11

      gallery v1.4.3-pl1 is another app that doesn't seem to work with PHP5 & mmcache2.4.7-CVS.

      The first time around the gallery shows the album. The second and other requests just make it show 0 albums. Clearing the cache will make it work again for 1 hit.

    • Anonymous - 2004-11-19

      sitebar ( not work with mmcache enabled, it says
      Fatal error: Call to a member function getParam() on a non-object in /var/www/psychoboy/htdocs/sitebar/sitebar.php on line 156


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