MMCache/FastCGI/mmcache_rm() Question

  • BicketyBam

    BicketyBam - 2004-06-27

    Hi all (first post).

    Running IIS with FastCGI and up to 10 php.exe processes running on a busy server.

    If I mmcache_put("test", "data") through one process will that be cached in shared memory across all processes?

    More importantly if I mmcache_rm("test") in one process will this purge across all processes.

    The reason I ask is that currently calling mmcache() returns different results on the number of scripts cached (I have implemented the key caching as yet). This leads me to think that each php.exe process is maintaining it's own cache.

    If this is the case what are my options, other than to use the php ISAPI, which is unstable under IIS?

    Should I force caching to disk rather than shared memory, and if I do will I lose any benefit from caching keys...?


    • BicketyBam

      BicketyBam - 2004-06-27

      Ignore that - I was being a complete dickhead.

      I checked out the code and saw that it was indeed using memory mapped files under win32. The confusion led me to double check the mmcache version. Somehow I had installed the old 2.3.10 dll. Ooops.

      Now running a recomplied 2.4.6 for php 4.3.7 dll. Peachy.


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