• David Seidel

    David Seidel - 2004-09-02


    I wonder if there is any development activity on mmcache?


    • Franck

      Franck - 2004-09-02

      Nothing. Niet. Quedale.

      Last patch: 2 month.

      I begin to put littles announces on my website and some french mailing list to get callback from motivated developers.

      I don't understand the silence of the dev team.
      Is Zend make a presure on them to stop mmcache ??
      No ? So tell us (dev team) you want money or you don't want to continu this project, but tell us something, please !!


      • mike503

        mike503 - 2004-09-02

        i will host a website or a forum or anything for this to help support it.

        i will also contribute money if the developers are skilled and do a good job on making it useful for me (i need it to run under fastCGI / CGI / CLI / zeus)

    • Ilkka Huotari

      Ilkka Huotari - 2004-09-04


      I joined the development team a couple of months ago, but just haven't had time to work on MMCache. I try to find time in the future for it.

      Of course more experienced C/C++ developers would be a nice thing... This is a good product and deserves more work.

      • Web Chemistry

        Web Chemistry - 2004-09-16

        MMCache is a -great- product, and deserves more attention.

        Not only is it a fine tool to optimize php performance, it is also (more or less) the only open source product that allows source code encryption.

        Encrypting the sources might sound hostile to the open source community as a whole, but is still an essential tool in some cases. I stronly believe in open source for many applications, and I am willing to share work done on any open or public project.

        However, sometimes for a developer it is important to be able to deliver proprietary solutions as well. Today, MMCache delivers the best solution, but I do worry about the future with developments going as they are. MMCache does require active development - right now, it will become and remain useless once the API version of php changes.

        I doubt that this will change on the PHP 4.x branch, but active development on MMCache would ensure continuity in such a case. Also, I'm affraid that all the work done so far might be lost.

        So, in the end, I think any developer willing to work on this project but not willing to work with the current team should start a fork of his own. I mean the current list of developers no disrespect, but ensured continuity is of the essense.

    • Franck

      Franck - 2004-09-17

      You're all right.

      Situation is totally resumed.

      Simply, I think they are 2 problems:

      - the knowledge needed to work on turckmmcache (i mean C complex coding + Zend engine 2 api)

      - the number of developper with this knowledge

      I don't think a fork of this project is necessary, only Dmitry dstogov was good for this job, and find any people with his great imagination and same motivation as Dmitry is a long hard way task.

      Private joke:
      Or perhaps core dev team as receive money or pressure to kill project little by little :)

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous - 2004-09-19


      Sad thing, but it really looks like that, doesn't it? No replies from any core dev team member on any forums, just like Dmitry.. got "reccomended"?

      I remember some statements from Zend saying that Dmitry will be allowed to maintain the mmc code, when truly needed. Not the time, still?

    • Kelvin Westlake

      Kelvin Westlake - 2004-09-19

      Unfortunately the code for mmCache isn't exactly simple and not very well commented, so I can understand peoples reluctance to take the reigns, its a lot of effort. To be fair on mmCache though, it is the most advanced and most compatible with php5 of the freeware accelerators.

      For mmCache to survive we need to re-invigorage interest in it, and to do this the whole project needs a complete overhaul, from code restructuring to a new website - i.e. we need an experienced project manager :)

      Hoesh was working on a new site etc, but he appears to have dropped off the internet.

      • Franck

        Franck - 2004-09-20

        >Unfortunately the code for mmCache isn't exactly simple
        Nobody here has say something like that ;)

        >not very well commented
        Completly agree with you

        > it is the most advanced and most compatible with php5 of the freeware accelerators.
        Yes, for the moment. If you check the list of bug, you will see a number of segfault that forbidde using turckmmcache in a production environnement.
        If no bug correction in next 6 months like now, i don't think turckmmcache will stay the "most advanced" and "most compatible with php5".

        > the whole project needs a complete overhaul, from code restructuring ...
        If it's the best solution, why not .. but actual code work at 95% so perhaps is not really necessary.

        > to a new website
        not very urgent ...

        > we need an experienced project manager :)
        That in the best thing in the best world. I think for the moment, we just need a very good programer motivated to correct bugs and follow RFE. If everybody make regular donation, this programmer will be happy and very motivate.

        So first, i put an announce "turckmmcache project look's for a good programmer" and i communicate like that in some mailing list. Every body should do something like that because "nobody" know, expect people on this forum, that turckmmcache go slower to the death ...

        That's just my opinion.


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