Safe on a production server?

  • anthony

    anthony - 2004-01-21

    Server Specs:
    WHM 8.6.0 cPanel 8.6.0-R15
    RedHat Enterprise 3 - WHM X v2.1.1
    APACHE: 1.3.29 (Unix)
    Nameservers ver: 9.2.2
    php: 4.3.4
    My basic question is, my server is being used to run a webhosting company, and i need to know how stable mmcache is, as i want to provide it as a way to decrease serverload.  I'm planning on running zend optimizer along with mmcache because i have some scripts that are encoded by zend.

    Has anyone experienced any diffuculties, or problems i should be away of..or any reasons to wait for another version of mmcache to come out?

    I've requsted at cpanel a way for them to make a mmcache install script.. the same way they have a zend install script.. but people was saying that mmcache is known to break programs, and its better off just using zend alone...which is why i come here to get the real opinions of people who actually use the program.

    Also i read somewhere that mmcache places files in the /tmp folder.  Does mmcache execute anything from the /tmp or /var/tmp folder.. or does it just read/write from it?  I'm asking this because i've disabled /tmp and /var/tmp from being executable.

    I appreciate everyone for taking the time to read this, and give my thanks in advance.

    • Jason Sheets

      Jason Sheets - 2004-01-21

      I use Turck MMcache on several production and non production servers and haven't had any problems.

      As with any software you should deploy it on a test server and see if it will work for your needs as your setups will differ from mine.

      Also you can turn off Turck MMcache for specific directories by using php_value mmcache.enable 0 in an .htaccess file and should also be able to control it via your httpd.conf file.

      Version 2.4.7 which will have some PHP 5 fixes from Dmitri will be released soon.

    • kyle wong

      kyle wong - 2004-01-22

      the only problem I found is about mmcache_get() and mmcache_put(), failed with serialized php object.


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