php4 and php5 performance test

  • Mauro Casciari

    Mauro Casciari - 2004-09-26


    I've tested a scripts (php4 OO syntax) with:

    win 2k + apache 2.0.48 + mysql 4.0.18 + php 5.0.2 + mmcache 2.4.7 cvs (php5 + mmcache custom compiled).

    win 2k + apache 2.0.48 + mysql 4.0.18 + php 4.3.4 + mmcache 2.4.7 cvs (php4 + mmcache custom compiled).

    I've notice a degree of performance of 30%.

    I've also start to test on linux debian + apache 1.3.31 + mysql 4.0.21 + php4.3.9/php5.0.2 + tmmcache 2.4.7 cvs.

    also restart to study ze2 and mmcache...

    anyone have make some performance test of old OO implementation?


    • sunilbhatia

      sunilbhatia - 2004-10-16

      Hi Mauro,

      We are looking at setting up MMCache on our servers with Apache 1.3/2.0 with PHP 4.3.9 on Red Hat Enterprise Server version 2.1 or 3.0. Would it be possible for us to run it on either of the RHEL versions mentioned above and will MMCache help is in improving PHP performance on our servers. We wish to deploy phpAdsNew.

      Sunil Bhatia

      • DuNaMiS

        DuNaMiS - 2004-10-19

        Yes it is working, my server is the same, and I've installed MMCache whit no problems. The performance was very good after MMCache installation.


    • Thien

      Thien - 2004-11-03

      May I ask how large the cached files are according to the mmcache.php management utility?

      My system says the cached files are much larger than the source code!  So much larger that it eats a lot of memory.  Most byte code compilers produce smaller files, not larger ones ...


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