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  • Ilkka Huotari

    Ilkka Huotari - 2004-07-14

    Is there still a development team for Turck MMCache?

    • Thien

      Thien - 2004-11-03

      Looking at CVS (link top of page), I only see one major contributor since the original developer was hired by Zend/PHP company.

      I'm suggesting that mmcache combines with PHP Accelerator to form a viable open-source project.

      We need more inertia .. more users .. more developers .. all working together.

    • Reiner Jung

      Reiner Jung - 2004-11-04

      Take a look at
      It is also long time no development on it

      • Franck

        Franck - 2004-11-04

        >Take a look at http://www.php-
        >It is also long time no development on it

        It does really NOT support php5, and there is no speak about segmentation fault on the first page of the forum

        Franck T.

      • Michael Paesold

        Michael Paesold - 2004-11-19

        And for php-accelerator there is not even released source code. Doesn't look like there is anything to merge. :-)

    • Joe Lee

      Joe Lee - 2004-11-15

      On Ilia Alshanetsky's (the release manager of PHP4) blog ( ), he listed MMCache as one of his projects...

    • Ilkka Huotari

      Ilkka Huotari - 2004-11-18

      I've been busy too and couldn't have devoted time to MMcache.

      More developers are definitely needed, pass them here :) If someone still knows C these days.


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