Fork project is possible

  • Mauro Casciari

    Mauro Casciari - 2004-11-30


    there is all condition to fork the project!

    imho it is the better way!

    I'm an italian freelance programmer

    I know C\C++, php and a little of zend engine.

    Could I help you?


    • Franck

      Franck - 2004-11-30

      Let's resume :

      - Waiting for an answer from Dmitry to give admin access to somebody of his choice

      - if no answer or negative answer, source code will fork in a new project.

      Name of a new project is not important in a first time, because we can use SSH/CVS to make changes on the source code without SourceForge.

      We can go back on sourceforge later, most important is to remove bugs that developers find and patch them.

      A first fork of turckmmcache will birth in a few days, as the author say, but we can make a little fork to make some corrections while waiting this first official fork.

      If this first fork is good, interested users & developers may join the project. If not, let's continu our little fork and make TurckMMCache running for PHP5 without segmentation faults.

      All that is a just a proposal, every ideas can be suggest, i'm just somebody interested by php accelerators running under php5 (and cli), especially TurckMMCache project.

      AFUP is ready to make donation for the project under some conditions (not completly defined)

      I've got a SSH/CVS/WebCVS/Wiki on my server for Turckmmcache. I'll give you URL and infos in some hours or tomorow.


    • Mauro Casciari

      Mauro Casciari - 2004-11-30

      I agree name is not important.


      first patch bugs.

      second implements new php5 object model.


      reorganize source code, apache/php configuration etc.


    • shin seung woo

      shin seung woo - 2004-11-30

      please let me know when SSH/CVS/WebCVS/Wiki on your server for Turckmmcache is done.

      and thanks to your great job today, frank.

      • Franck

        Franck - 2004-11-30

        WebCVS: ok
        Chrooted SSH/CVS Access: ok (work with eclipse too)
        Wiki: install and basique english page ok

        TODO: Mailing list / Mailing list for CVS

        Just have to write a little doc for SSH/CVS Access and test some little stuffs.

        Tomorrow I open all that. For developpers who want, please send me sourceforge name, desired SSH username by mail at franck blablaspamat

        Now it's time to make a baby with my wife huuuuu :)



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