eAccelerator is the futur of TurckMMCache.

  • Franck

    Franck - 2004-12-21

    eAccelerator is the first official fork of turckMMCache. It's include Segv74 patches and is php5 ready.

    Perhaps we will see others forks (see Alan Haldeman project purposal, and Hoesh ideas), but for moment eAccelerator is only the one.

    Perhaps TurckMMCache will rebirth one day, depending of the come back of Dmitry Stogov, the creator and the administrator of TurckMMCache.

    I asked a book called "Hacking Zend Engine 2" to the Father Christmas, for eAccelerator dev team, but he is trying to explain me that it doesn't exist yet :)

    Dear turckMMCache users, have a happy end of year.

    • Mauro Casciari

      Mauro Casciari - 2004-12-21


      I think Dmitry Stogov never bacj to mmcache.

      does Segv74 implements all php5's tokens?

      why aren't Alan Haldeman and Hoesh join the new project?


    • Reiner Jung

      Reiner Jung - 2004-12-23

      We contacted Hoesch (we send him a mail). With Alan Haldeman we have no contact at the moment, but we look forward to speak with him asap.

      reiner jung (eAccelerator team)


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