MMCache doesn't fully work in my situation

  • Comrax(R) Ltd.

    Comrax(R) Ltd. - 2003-07-15

    Hi there,

    I've just built turck-mmcache-2.3.15 from FreeBSD ports, and it compiled, then installed successfully.

    I added the following configuration to php.ini as well:


    Restarting Apache 1.3.27 w/ PHP 4.3.2, then pointing the browser to a phpinfo.php file, I couldn't see any output and instead there was a white blank screen. The log mentioned nothing (see debug="1" above.)

    After I changed mmcache.enable="1" to mmcache.enable="0", everything started working wonderfully again, and I could see that my projects are being executed without a glitch.

    What is wrong with my installation? Notice that I've changed the locations of mmcache's cache directory, and the location of the module's .so file.

    Your help (and suggestions) is greatly needed, and would be appreciated.

    Thanks a lot.

    • Dmitry Stogov

      Dmitry Stogov - 2003-07-21

      Please try the latest version of MMCache and look into FreeBSD ports.

      • Comrax(R) Ltd.

        Comrax(R) Ltd. - 2003-07-21


        I've just installed the latest version (2.3.19) from ports. It went smooth and compiled with no aparent problem.

        The following behavior was spotted:

        1) A script with phpinfo() works now.

        2) In a script where there's a check like:

        if( defined( 'INCLUDE_ONCE' ) ) return;
        define( 'INCLUDE_ONCE', true);

        is present, MMCache caches it once, then refuses to bring it back from cache.

        3) Styles that are cached (style.php in HEAD's part) do not get fetched correctly in few times.

        4) I noticed that complex applications tend to have more problems than simple ones, when activating the cache module in MMCache. Usually, almost all scripts are protected from double-inclusion using the method showed above in 2.

        I'll continue to check the reasons for this behavior, and if I find a source code to re-create those problems, I will send it.

        Your feedback is greatly appreciated.



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