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  • Jason Sheets

    Jason Sheets - 2004-01-22

    As many of you are aware  Dmitry has accepted a position with Zend and will no longer be actively working on Turck MMCache. 

    This will not be the end of Turck MMCache because several users including myself have stepped foward to continue development of the project.

    This brings the next point, Dmitry was considering renaming the project before he left because it no longer uses mm combined with the fact that neither Turck or Dmitry are now actively developing mmcache it seems the justification for a rename is high.

    I would like to have this thread serve as an official place to suggest names for the Turck MMCache project. 

    Any new name will be slowly phased in because I am concerned about confusing the existing Turck MMCache user base.

    • Adam Zey

      Adam Zey - 2004-01-23

      What's the new "company" name?

      I'd suggest something like PHPcache, but AFAIK the PHP people frown upon people using PHP in a product name.

    • why

      why - 2004-01-25

      There are a lot of famous open source using php like phpBB, phpWiki, phpMyAdmin, phpNuke, phpCollab ...  If zend really had the power then they would of shut all those projects down.

      • Konstantin Pelepelin

        You should obey the license, if you can. AFAIR, "PHP Cache" is prohibited, but "Cache for PHP" (just example), will be legal.
        Try "Accelerating Cache for PHP" :)

    • Michael Weck

      Michael Weck - 2004-01-26

      how about:





    • Uros Gruber

      Uros Gruber - 2004-01-28

      I think that phpCache is prohibitet only if mmcache uses php licence. If any other there's no problem.

    • Ian Miller

      Ian Miller - 2004-01-29

      Is there a new site for the project???

    • Ian Miller

      Ian Miller - 2004-01-29

      the name phpcache is all ready out there

    • Yen-Wei Liu

      Yen-Wei Liu - 2004-01-31

      I can think of a name like "PHP T-Cache" or "T-Cache for PHP". The cryptic T-Cache can be a sign of its original root, Turck.

    • Mauro Casciari

      Mauro Casciari - 2004-01-31

      T-cache is not bad. It could mean "PHP Turbo-Cache".


    • Jonathan Stanley

      Google returned 5 items for thge following word:



      Which I think would be quite apt in terms of describing my enlightment when I finally came across mmcache... makes a pretty nifty project name too IMNSHO. :D

    • Jonathan Stanley

      Blah, need edit... Just realised the play on words of what "Zend" were (possibly) trying to do.

      Given the likiness in interpretation of name in "Zend" vs. "Zenify" which may or may not be desirable... I also suggest changing the "Z" for an "X", ie: "Xenify" ("X" pronounced as per "Xenon").

    • why

      why - 2004-02-02

      We're not naming a company.  We're naming a product so it should be clear as to what it does.  How about PHP Tweak? PHP Fine Tune?

    • why

      why - 2004-02-02

      PHP Tweaker? PHP Tuner?

    • Ilkka Huotari

      Ilkka Huotari - 2004-02-09


    • Christian Stadler

      How about something with a Z instead of an S in the name?

      php Zpeeder
      php Zpeeder Cache

      or something, like
      php ZCache

    • Vladimir Kouznetsov

      Let's respect D.Stogov solution!
      He named his project "Turck MMCache for PHP",
      where Turck was his company name and MM stands for a shared memory library.
      Ok, Turck is not affilated now and the project doesn't use MM, but it's own code for shared memory.
      Then, why not to rename it to "SHMCache for PHP".
      "SHMCache for PHP" semantically close to the original name, stands for an action this libriry does and wouldn't disorient those who are using it now.

      P.S. Who is a project leader (administrator) now?
      Send me a letter.
      Best Regards, Vladimir

      • Ilkka Huotari

        Ilkka Huotari - 2004-02-19

        At least I use it because of the encoding functionality, not because of the cache.

        Though, respecting Dmitriy's great work somehow is a good idea.

    • why

      why - 2004-02-17

      who will be making the final decision on the name? 

    • David

      David - 2004-02-17

      I would go for something like vladimir_k suggested
      along the lines of: "phpSHMCache"

    • Andreas Goetz

      Andreas Goetz - 2004-02-18

      Why not just do mmcache? It's not using mm anymore, but I can't pronounce phpSHMCache for the hell of it...


      • David

        David - 2004-02-18

        How do you pronounce "MMCache" anyway? :)

    • walt

      walt - 2004-02-20

      PHP T-Boost


    • John Dell

      John Dell - 2004-02-27

      I like the idea of using the word 'Phast' in there somehwhere because that implies PHP and Fast although non-english speakers might not get it.

      As mweck suggested, I like 'PhastCache'.  To me this is a catchy name that is short and sweet.

      I think choosing a bad name can really hurt the visibility and adoption of the project.  It needs to be something clever and catchy (I think 'PhastCache' is both).


      • David

        David - 2004-02-27

        PhastCache reminds me of "Phat", a word which doesn't reflect professionalism at all

        I don't particularly like words that sound alike but written differently

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