Extremely good programming skills!!!

  • Anonymous - 2003-08-28

    Hi all! I know my topic is out of context but I just wanted to share my excitement over Dmitri's programming skills... The more I look at his code the more I question myself "is that possible to be able to program like that?" "What does it take to be a hell of a programmer like Dmitri?" And I was just curious:
    Dmitri how long have you been programming?
    Are you into C programming only?
    I am just a beginner in this area so please don't laugh at my questions.

    • Dmitry Stogov

      Dmitry Stogov - 2003-08-28

      I am a programmer more then 12 years. I had work on C, C++, Modula-2, Prolog, Ada, Pascal, PHP, JavaScript and x86 asssembler. My favorit languages were Modula-2 and Prolog, but now I don't work on them. The most experience in programming I got from compiler/interpriter design and implimentation.

      • Anonymous - 2003-08-28

        Hi Dmitry! Thanks for replying, can i ask u a question...? What is the best way of learning to program? Are there any specific practices involved? If you don't mind could u tell me from your experience? I am trying to learn but I just feel like I am not doing it right... By the way are you into J2EE, .NET Object-oriented programming?
        Thanks Dmitry.


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