mmcache 2.4.6/php 4.3.5+ builds for windows

  • Andreas Lange

    Andreas Lange - 2004-04-21

    I can understand, that the new devlopers are just reviewing the source code.


    2.4.6 is working fine in most cases. Under linux it just works. But there is actually no way to get a mmcache.dll for the newer version of php. And compiling on windows is a pain in the ***, when u have no experience or even no compiler for it. Under linux that is not really a problem: phpize, make, make install. But windows is whole other story.

    I'm glad, that some devs took on this really good project. But we (the local developers under windows) need test-enviroments, that are clones of the real web-server.

    In my personal case, the missing 2.4.6 dll for windows and php 4.3.6 is giving me headaches. I really like this tool, but i have to remove it even from the web-server, if i can't gurantee that my local developt software runs under linux the same way.

    So heres my request:

    Please, whoever dev could read this and can build a mmcache.dll compatible to the official php-windows-binary, build those dlls and make it availible through this site.

    Just in case, if there is no way to host it here via sourceforge, i would be honored to setup a small website to provide the nescessary webspace.


    Andreas Lange

    • The Observer

      The Observer - 2004-04-22

      Maybe you want to have a look on or (even more precise)

      I did a rebuild with the latest PHP version.

      • Anonymous - 2004-05-07

        When I run PHP 4.3.6 with apache 1.3.29 and this version of mmcache everything works fine until restart apache - it crash ;(
        Have anyone the same problem with that? Maybe it is no problem with mmcache, but in earlier version everything worked ok.

    • Kelvin Westlake

      Kelvin Westlake - 2004-05-07
    • PandaMan

      PandaMan - 2004-05-27

      These thread tends to popup on a regular basis, so I reuse an old one...
      Maybe it would be cool to make it sticky ?

      Besides the_observer who is regularly compiling (see above and other threads), I do also roll mmcache 2.4.6 (only) for win32 4.3.x.

      At now, I made one for 4.3.7RC1.
      You can grab at

      No warranty, help, blah, etc.

      If this helps somebody out there...

      Best regards.


    • David

      David - 2004-05-27

      Which compiler did your guys use?
      Why is Observer one 116kb and yours 164kb (PHP4.3.6)
      Someone's using UPX?

      I'm interested in performance difference between compilers :)

    • PandaMan

      PandaMan - 2004-05-27

      MS VC++ 6

      No, I didn't use upx.
      My oversize is surprising (i didn't noticed... but indeed the latest official release was also near 116kB)

      I'll check that later...

      Anyway, I don't plan to make a career out of this... Just waiting for the next official release ;-)

    • PandaMan

      PandaMan - 2004-05-27

      About the performance, maybe you should do some tests if you got time ? ;-)

      Anyway, the_observer is with no doubt more competent than me to comment on these points.

      Best regards.


    • Kelvin Westlake

      Kelvin Westlake - 2004-05-27

      Heres mmCache v2.4.7CVS for PHP5 RC2 (includes all the latest fixes), should also work with RC3.


    • Kelvin Westlake

      Kelvin Westlake - 2004-05-27
    • PandaMan

      PandaMan - 2004-05-28

      I - Does anyone (kwestlake?) already builded 2.4.7CVS for win32 php 4.3.x (I'm interested in 4.3.6 & 4.3.7RC1), or shall I make it myself ?

      II - Do somebody know if 2.4.7 release is already planned or is it too soon ?

      III - If this release is somewhat far, do you (kwestlake, the_observer) think it is worth the effort to set up a small (unofficial) repository for precompiled mmcache (both 2.4.6 and cvs for php 4 & 5 intended to win32 users who can't compile), as Andreas Lange suggested before ?

      Best regards.


    • Kelvin Westlake

      Kelvin Westlake - 2004-05-28


      Personally I wouldn't, I think its best to only have 1 outlet for mmcache - for 2 reasons 1) 2.4.7 is probably still being tested 2) Hoesh will release it when its considered release quality :)

      Providing unofficial "alternative" downloads is opening a can of worms - thats just my opinion, but I'm sure some people would find it useful.

    • PandaMan

      PandaMan - 2004-05-28


      kwestlake, you definitely make a point, wich apply at least for cvs build.
      But I still think, and can understand, it's frustrating for some ppl not to have 2.4.6 (release) builded for the php 4.3 branchs releases (either 5, 6, 7rc), and / or a workin build for 5.

      I fully agree that's it's no good to mess with the project owner business. I was not talkin long term anyway.

      Maybe you're right anyway... What do the other thinks ?

      Best regards.


    • The Observer

      The Observer - 2004-05-29

      Sorry folks, I haven't checked this forum for some time. About the file size, this is easy to explain: You did a debug compilation. (I did it in the first time, too). I do not think there is ANY performance difference at all...

      I will compile cvs regulary on the mentioned website just for the sake of it. I don't want to make career with it, neither. Don't blame me for doing it - I just needed it so I put it on the website. As you can read there, I will stop when offical releases came out.

    • PandaMan

      PandaMan - 2004-05-31

      => The Observer

      err.... I did a release compilation...
      when doing a debug build I jump to ~310kb...


      If you got any clue... I'm totally lost on that point...


      Best regards.


    • The Observer

      The Observer - 2004-06-01

      => Pandaman,

      I used Microsoft Visual Studio v6.x to compile since I don't have access to a later version. What did you use?

      => Westlake

      I am still wondering about the worms thing:
      You need tp trust every software provider no matter if it is open or closed source software. If you look a the website you will recognize they (actually: we) provide even other software in combination with Apache (e.g. TSW [The Saint WAMP] => WAMP installer).
      The argument about "unofficial" relases is obsolete since we talk about open source here: I called my "releases" "MMCache Rebuilds" all the time...

    • Kelvin Westlake

      Kelvin Westlake - 2004-06-01

      I've no problem with it, and the job that you guys do is fantastic, it promotes and spreads "the good word" :)

      I guess what I'm trying to say is, it shouldn't encourage people to use these non-final-builds on live production systems, and should be clearly stated that its not a final release.

      but then I'm a real hypocrit, since I'm using it on my companies Intranet with PHP5RC3 (snapshot) ;D

    • The Observer

      The Observer - 2004-06-02

      OK, then I simply got you wrong.

      I use MMCache ("Rebuild") for my companies Intranet, too, but with the latest version of PHP 4.x branch. Now you know the reason for my recompilation. Pure self-interest. ;-)

    • PandaMan

      PandaMan - 2004-06-03

      Hi everybody,

      => The Observer

      I'm using MS Visual C++ 6.
      I still get around 160 kb with my latest rebuild for php 4.3.7.
      Somebody suggested that I may have used specific optimization switch...
      What did you used ?

      Anyway, the whole thing seems unreachable for my limited msvc skills... :-( :-( :-( :-(

      Best regards.


    • The Observer

      The Observer - 2004-06-04

      I don't know what you are doing wrong (or I do rigth).
      I just follow the manual, copy certain files, open the project file, select the release build and compile it.

      So did I with the latest PHP version - have a look at

      Best regards

      The Observer

    • Joel Pearson

      Joel Pearson - 2004-06-09

      Does anyone have a build of mmcache for php 5 rc3? I tried the one that was compiled for rc3-dev, but apache complained and wouldn't load turck mmcache.

    • The Observer

      The Observer - 2004-06-14

      I compiled a CVS snapshot today, download is located at known place:

      I appreciated every test because I don't have a PHP5 RC3 installation, yet.


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