Turck MMCache is not installed

  • gp_ahc

    gp_ahc - 2006-07-13

    I have a Linux Core 4 build server with MySQL and PHP 5.1.2. I installed Turck MMCache 2.4.6 per the instructions in the INSTALL file, and all appeared to go well. When I run mmcache.php I get a page saying "Turck MMCache is not installed".  I intend to install Media Wiki also, and if I open the install page for Media Wiki it states that MMCache is not installed.  I am not very experienced with the open source world, and would appreciate any advise I can get.

    • Konstantin Pelepelin

      Turck MMCache project is abandoned for 2 years.
      See http://eaccelerator.net/ for its successor


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