#64 Windows XP Problem...


MMCache 2.4.6 [shm:win32 sem:win32], PHP 4.3.4 [ZE
1.3.0 TS], Apache [Apache/1.3.27 (Win32) PHP/4.3.4],
Windows NT MTDX_TOOLBOX 5.1 build 2600

I get the following error upon restarting the apache
The instruction at "0x77f5b2ab" referenced memory
at "0x00000014". The memory could not be "read".
Click on OK to terminate the program.

I received the same error with 2.4.5 and php 4.3.3

BTW.: thanx for this great program !


  • Willy Frissen

    Willy Frissen - 2003-11-04
    • summary: Bug? --> Windows XP Problem...
  • Dmitry Stogov

    Dmitry Stogov - 2003-11-05

    Logged In: YES

    Thank you fro your report.
    I will try to fix this BUG in the next version.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    In php.ini, ensure you have it installed as an extention of the
    zend engine:


    and *not* an extention of php:


    as the 2nd method causes this error, most noticably when
    calling a file with phpinfo() in it.

    To reconstruct this fault, add the dll as an extention of php:
    in php.ini
    and call this file:
    <?php phpinfo(); ?>

    You will get the above mentioned popup.

  • Jim Robinson

    Jim Robinson - 2003-12-12

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    Possible bug with IIS 6, mmcache, PHP 4.3.x

    Ref: http://bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=25597

    I thought that I might be having the same problem with
    sockets as the above submitter. I switched over to the Zend
    optimizer and the problem has vanished. I presume that the
    problem lies within the Turck mmcache extension. Maybe you
    could check this one out?

    1. We have two machines:

    1 x Dell 8200 laptop, 1GB DDR RAM, 1.8GHz P4(M),
    Windows 2003 server - development client
    1 x Dell 400SC, 1GB DDR RAM, 2.4GHz P4 HT, Windows
    2003 server - production server

    Note 1: Both machines use DDR memory
    Note 2: I do not get any other memory related exception
    errors from other applications/services.
    Note 3: Web application uses MySQL - mysql_pconnect
    (mysql_connect also tested with same problem):

    MySQL Server version: 4.0.16-nt

    2. Using PHP 4.3.x dist. (currently 4.3.5-dev on client and
    4.3.4 on server), IIS 6 and FastCGI (ISAPI) wrapper for IIS 6 -

    2.1 In all instances we were getting intermittent 503
    errors reported back from FastCGI wrapper (see bug report
    2.2 Each error corresponded to a PHP.exe exception on
    the test machine (see above)
    2.3 At least one of the error messages (that were noted in
    detail) had a very low memory reference e.g "0x00000000014"
    but not all (see attached)
    2.4 This has consistently happened with version 4.3.x
    (4.3.3, 4.3.4 and 4.3.5-dev to be precise)
    2.5 Some quantitative analysis using the MS Web
    Application Stress Tool gives approximately 20% failures using
    Turck and using Zend:

    Running MS Web Application Stress Tool from 1.8GHz P4,
    over 100mb/s hub to Dell 8200 laptop:

    Turck enabled, PHP 4.3.4 and 4.3.5-dev dist.:

    Script Settings

    Number of threads: 50
    Use Random Delay: No

    Turck Enabled:

    Result Codes
    Code Description Count
    200 OK 217799
    404 Not Found 77710
    503 Service Unavailable 59839

    Run length: 00:50:36

    = ~20% 503 errors reported back - this seems to be
    consistent on longer run lengths:

    Result Codes
    Code Description Count
    200 OK 186849
    404 Not Found 65360
    503 Service Unavailable 46664

    Run length: 01:13:57

    = ~19%

    Here's a shorter run length:

    Result Codes
    Code Description Count
    200 OK 67894
    404 Not Found 19545
    503 Service Unavailable 2025

    Run length: 00:34:44

    = ~2.3% - so problem seems to exacerbate over longer
    run lengths ... memory leak?

    Zend enabled, Turck disabled (PHP 4.3.5-dev dist.):

    Result Codes
    Code Description Count
    200 OK 64357
    404 Not Found 17982
    503 Service Unavailable 4
    NA HTTP result code not given 1

    Run length: 00:30:25

    = ~0% failures

    Result Codes
    Code Description Count
    200 OK 38059
    404 Not Found 10613
    503 Service Unavailable 2

    Run length: 00:17:29

    = ~0% failures

    Note 1: ~30% 404 Not Found errors are as a result of the
    stress test to trying to access a java app that is off site; I
    have checked the codes for each of the requests.
    Note 2: On runs with fewer errors (low run lengths) I get
    ~46 reqs/s - which matches the results you were getting
    using ab and Apache
    Note 3: Using Zend I'm getting ~45 reqs/s - again
    matching your results

    Maybe you could use a similar configuration - Windows
    2000/3 and IIS 5/6 to see if it is the Turck extension?

    Just like to say that I really like your product and I hope
    that I can use it in the future - great work!


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