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First off thank you for making this software! This seems to be the only vnc on the net that actually shows me what Maya and other 3d apps have on screen. Letting me actually do work away from home.

In the same line, please consider looking into tablet support. Specifically pressure sensitivity within the Wacom tablet family. I understand that such an undertaking would be quite an endeavor that would probably be beyond the scope of this project. But considering that TurboVNC is the only program even half way there, I didn't think asking could hurt!

It would be amazing if it were possible to say, load up a graphics (card), and cpu intensive program like Mudbox, and sculpt remotely on a tablet pc. Even if it had ridiculous requirements, such as a gigabit lan connection, I think it would be worth the endeavor. It would give a way to extend the lifespan of tablet pcs. I suspect there are many tablet pc users out there like me wondering if they will have to throw away their tablet pcs once the hardware requirements of graphics applications eclipse the (usually) minimal power of their tablets.


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    DRC - 2012-03-11

    Not sure why I never replied to this, but it was posted while I was still an employee at Sun, so it probably had a lot to do with what my priorities were at the time.

    I think wacom support in VNC would be an interesting project-- not something I could pursue as a freebie, but if you could secure a financial sponsor for the effort, I'd be happy to look at it. It would require extending the RFB spec to handle the different events that wacom sends, but overall, it seems like it would be relatively straightforward.

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    DRC - 2015-11-11

    Latest pre-release implements this. Please test


    NOTE: Currently it only works Linux-->Linux, but Windows-->Linux is in progress.

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    DRC - 2015-11-11
    • status: open-seeking-sponsorship --> closed-implemented

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