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TurboProf - Open Source Java Profiler / News: Recent posts

We are back!

We have been sleeping for a while, but now we're back!
We still need developers!
In a few months we should have an alpha two release.

Posted by Cleuton Sampaio 2008-06-27

We´re on vacation!

Due to holidays we are on vacation.
Next steps are:
1) Prepare an alpha version with the client code (Dashboard).
2) Prepare the Linux version.

Expect a new release by the end of January.

Posted by Cleuton Sampaio 2007-12-20

Linux platform chosen

Hi, we finally decided the Linux platform to compile the turboprof Agent. It will be Ubuntu 7.10 with eclise CDT.

We are working to create the full alpha version in a few days. Be patient.

Posted by Cleuton Sampaio 2007-11-19

Baseline code loaded in CVS

The baseline for TurboProf is loaded in CVS. There is a module named "CVSModule" with the eclipse CDT workspace contents. Sorry but no Java Dashboard yet.

Use the following CVRROOT:

I am using WinCVS plus Pageant.

In order to have developer access, you will need an authorization. Just tell me and I will analyze your request. See the project's website at read more

Posted by Cleuton Sampaio 2007-11-03

Developer platform choosen

We are in the first steps of the project, trying to create a candidate architecture and choosing platforms.
Next step will be create a baseline code and load it into CVS.
We were trying to mitigate some technical risks by building a pre-alpha version, using some sample code and running it. First we have used Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0. But Renato Moutinho has suggested that we could use Eclipse CDT.
From now on we shall use Eclipse CDT and MinGW as base development platform (for Windows) and Eclipse CDT and G++ as base platform for Linux.

Posted by Cleuton Sampaio 2007-10-29

Pre-alpha version

First attempt: compile and run the sample JVMTI under Windows (using MS VC++)

Well, download the file. It contains the MS VC++ version of the sample JVMI profiler used in the tutorial (

It is a very verbose profiler which slows the VM a lot!

But it serves as a first test and a platform to create other profilers.... read more

Posted by Cleuton Sampaio 2007-10-28