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Hi Matt

TP is a great idea and editor. I've looked at most of
them, and basing it on Scintilla was a great idea. I've
wanted a good folding editor for years. Some comments
and suggestions (from another designer).


When trying to "open with" windows explorer after using
browse for application, windows DDE error occurs.
Registry problems here?

Critical Stuff

-- Drag and Drop from Windows Explorer (this was an
immediate disappointment).
-- prefconfigured file association for Smarty (tpl) files.

-- Preference for using Cntrl-Insert to copy. Right
not, it only inserts date. This is very annoying, as
Ctrl-Insert=Ctrl-V in most windows apps.

Important Stuf
-- Font size. Not all of us can read 10 point arial
with our aging, failing eyes. Making it file type
dependent would be ideal.

-- Some kind of folding support for text files. I can't
find any way to use folding with this note, for
example. I forgot how scintialla handles plain text,
but i recall it working. If it's supported, I can't
figure out how to use it with plain text. Is there some
way to signify a foldable paragraph/heading?

--VIM-like searching. A permanent "seek line" above
the status bar where seek strings can be entered.
Naturally, this could be a "Command line" too, for
future shortcuts, etc. Using the VIM slash to seek
would be a fine toggle between search and other
commands "/"
The lack of a speedy search is the first reason I would
hesitate to stop using VIM. A few million other
potential users will probably feel similarly.

-- interface for highlight /color control picking. I
think this is on your todo list, but it's sorely
needed. Changing colors is really a manual pain.

Wouldn't it be nice stuff
-- File Name Toolbar. This is something no editors
ever have, and it's an obvious feature. Consider
mozilla's ability to add a location to the toolbar.
When working on a project, the user often has 1-n files
they work with all the time. Dragging and dropping a
tab to the "file bar" would be great.

-- Some level of Rich text editing. I doubt scintilla
supports this, but I'd love to use the editor for notes
as well as code, but need rich text for that. I would
suspect this is over the top, but still, would make the
product far more versatile. No one makes a simple
editor that works for code and simple documents, but
there is no good reason why not. It's silly to use two
tools, when one should suffice.

All in all, a great product! Keep up the good work

-- Matt (2)


  • Matt Watkins

    Matt Watkins - 2004-03-01
    • labels: 519040 -->
    • priority: 5 --> 8
    • assigned_to: nobody --> mattwat
  • Matt Watkins

    Matt Watkins - 2004-03-04

    Logged In: YES

    The Send To/Open With bug is fixed in CVS. Additionally,
    I've removed the Ctrl+Insert shortcut for inserting the date
    and time so that copy works with Ctrl+Insert. All of these
    changes should make it into the next release.

    On another note, Turbo Pad supports highlighter dependent
    options. Basically, you can take any of the options from
    Prefs.cfg and put them into one of the highlighter config
    files in the "Highlighters" directory. As an example, you
    could put

    Font.Size = 14

    into Text.cfg and this would override the setting in
    Prefs.cfg when using the Text highlighter. Also, the easiest
    way to change the font size without editing config files is
    to use the mousewheel while holding control.

    Vim like searching is planned already (see "Incremental
    search" in Todo.txt) along with support for changing the
    colors/styles of syntax highlighting in the options dialog.

  • Matt Watkins

    Matt Watkins - 2004-03-12

    Logged In: YES

    The Send To/Open With bug is fixed in version 0.23.

  • Matt Watkins

    Matt Watkins - 2004-05-06

    Logged In: YES

    Dragging and dropping files is included in the recently
    released 0.3 build.

  • Matt Watkins

    Matt Watkins - 2004-05-06
    • priority: 8 --> 6

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