#1 Some features I'd love to see added


I think Turbo Pad is an amazing piece of software--
logically and beautifully designed with exactly the
features I need and very little I don't use. I would love
to see the following features added to a future release:

1. 'Close,' and possibly 'Close All,' listed as an option in
the 'File' menu. In addition, 'Save All' would be nice.

2. Recognition of XHTML files for source highlighting.

3. Integration for Ispell or Aspell.

4. This one is minor, but one EditPad's features
is: "EditPad puts an icon in the system tray that remains
visible, even if EditPad is closed. This way you have
easy and fast access to EditPad, without the need to
keep it running all the time. If you do not like this, you
can, of course, disable this feature and make EditPad
behave like a normal Windows application." I thought I
would hate it, but quickly grew to love and depend on
this feature, and I would love to see it integrated into
Turbo Pad.

5. Not so much a feature request as a bug report, but in
Windows XP Turbo Pad seems to prone to crashes when
I cut and paste text between two files that are open on
different tabs.

Thanks for creating such a great piece of software. I
cannot wait to see where you take it next.


  • Matt Watkins

    Matt Watkins - 2003-09-13

    Logged In: YES

    Thanks for the feature requests. I'll be sure to add Close
    and Close All to the File menu for future releases. Save All
    is already in the File menu and is right below Save As.
    XHTML files should also be supported in v0.12, using the
    HTML highlighter and the HTML filter in the open dialog box.

    3 and 4 would also be nice to have; I'll try and get those
    into a future release, too.

    About number 5, do you know how to reproduce this? I'm using
    Windows XP and copying and pasting between two files works
    perfectly for me.

  • Matt Watkins

    Matt Watkins - 2003-09-13
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  • Matt Watkins

    Matt Watkins - 2003-09-26

    Logged In: YES

    1, 2 and 5 are done. They should work correctly in the new


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