TurboGears 1

Anonymous Mark Ramm Christoph Zwerschke Michael J. Pedersen

This is the homepage for the TurboGears 1 (TG1) project.


The project you are viewing now is for the TurboGears 1.x versions specifically. For 2.x versions, please go to the page for the TurboGears 2 project on SourceForge.

TurboGears 2 (TG2) is where the current focus of development for the TurboGears community lies. We still support our legacy versions (the 1.x series), but new features are being added in the 2.x series. Therefore we strongly recommend that all new development uses TurboGears 2.

The primary difference between TG1 and TG2 is that TG2 is based on Pylons, while TG1 is based on CherryPy. Some of the subsystems of TG1 such as widgets or identity management are not contained in TG2 any more, which resorts to external components in these areas. The switch from SQLObject and Kid to SQLAlchemy and Genshi as default components happened in TG 1.1 already, but all TG1 versions still support the older components if you prefer them. The TG1 toolbox has been discontinued in TG2 since it's main parts worked with SQLObject only. TG2 supports other tools and components such as the Mako templating engine which had not been supported by TG1.