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TurboGears 1

Anonymous Mark Ramm Christoph Zwerschke Michael J. Pedersen

This is the homepage for the TurboGears 1 project.


The project you are viewing now is for the TurboGears 1.x version specifically. For v2.x code and tickets, please checkout the SourceForge TG2 project.

TurboGears 2.x is where the current focus of development for the TurboGears community lies. We still support our legacy versions (the 1.x series), but new features are being added to TG 2.x.

The primary differences between TG1 and TG2 lie in the choice of major subsystems. TG2 uses Pylons, while TG1 uses CherryPy. TG2 uses SQLAlchemy, while TG1 uses SQLObject. TG2 uses Genshi and Mako, while TG1 uses Kid.

TG1 does provide support for SQLAlchemy, it's just that by default, it uses SQLObject.

We strongly recommend that any and all new development uses TurboGears 2.