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[r5811] by kskuhlman

Subscribe to engine events during import of startup. This matches 1.1 behavior & corrects a problem when using 1.5 with mod_wsgi [1].


2008-12-03 04:02:22 Tree
[r5810] by carndt

Update version in for TG 1.1b2

2008-12-03 02:27:00 Tree
[r5809] by mramm

Tagging 1.9.7b2

2008-12-02 21:29:22 Tree
[r5808] by mramm

Tagging the 1.9.7b2 release.

2008-12-02 21:26:22 Tree
[r5807] by mramm

Tagging the b2 release eggs.

2008-12-02 21:24:48 Tree
[r5806] by faide

Bumping version to b3

2008-12-02 21:20:24 Tree
[r5805] by faide

Tagging 1.1b2

2008-12-02 20:55:18 Tree
[r5804] by faide

Only changed the CHANGELOG, but anyway, this will be cleaner

2008-12-02 20:50:14 Tree
[r5803] by faide

Adding date to the CL

2008-12-02 20:47:18 Tree
[r5802] by faide


2008-12-02 20:42:38 Tree
[r5801] by turbogears

New index page with 1.1b2 pitch

2008-12-02 20:32:38 Tree
[r5800] by faide

Adding TurboGears 1.1b2 in source and egg version

2008-12-02 20:11:19 Tree
[r5799] by carndt

Refactor extraction of translatable strings from Genshi templates and add support for this to 'tg-admin i18n'. Also fixes #2039

2008-12-02 16:49:38 Tree
[r5798] by carndt

Refactor setup of i18n filters in view.base and some white-space/doctring clean-up

2008-12-02 16:35:37 Tree
[r5797] by carndt

White-space and docstring cleanup in i18.kidutils

2008-12-02 16:33:57 Tree
[r5796] by percious

updated sqlalchemy-migrate in the tg2 index

2008-12-02 16:04:51 Tree
[r5795] by StevenMohr


2008-12-02 10:28:01 Tree
[r5794] by mramm

Updating index location

2008-12-02 03:37:17 Tree
[r5793] by carndt

Fix tests.test_view

2008-12-01 20:35:04 Tree
[r5792] by carndt

White space/docstring cleanup

2008-12-01 20:32:56 Tree
[r5791] by faide

adding tests for the new text syntax switch of the Genshi engine. The tests are just way too simple but at least do not break.

2008-12-01 13:28:31 Tree
[r5790] by faide


2008-12-01 12:04:59 Tree
[r5789] by Gustavo

Added a warning on controller-wide authorization and cyclic links

2008-11-28 17:30:24 Tree
[r5788] by Gustavo

Removed !SecureController as discussed on turbogears-trunk

2008-11-28 17:24:17 Tree
[r5787] by Gustavo

Included missing import

2008-11-28 17:23:36 Tree
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