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TurboCASH 5.969 Stable

Stable Release suited to Windows 10

Posted by Philip Copeman 2016-08-09


TurboCASH 5 Development release - see our great new interface and Unicode language character sets.



Posted by Philip Copeman 2013-01-08

TurboCASH451-760 Update

There is a new update file for TurboCASH 451 - (60Mb)
http://sourceforge.net/projects/turbocash/files/TurboCASH Development/TurboCASH451/TurboCASH451-760-838-Update.exe/

Posted by Philip Copeman 2013-01-08

TurboCASH 4: Release Candidate1

TurboCASH Accounting, entry level Delphi, Windows Accounting package for single users, small networks and distributed networks. Accomodates developer scripts, local plugins and multi language translation. Ideal for SME market.

The TurboCASH Project is proud to present our Release Candidate 1 for TurboCASH This is the culmination of a years preparation to move TurboCASH to a new platform based on the Firebird database.... read more

Posted by Philip Copeman 2008-11-25

TurboCASH now in 17 Languages

Announcing the Release of TurboCASH 3.75, the World's leading Open Source Accounting Package, Philip Copeman, TurboCASH Accounting Project Leader said, "Key feature of this release is our support for 17 Languages. This is in line with our Project Strategy of One program for All Markets".

"In the Accounting market, commercial competitors have different versions for different countries and even have different brands in different countries. In contrast, TurboCASH is designed from the ground up to be completely flexible. TurboCASH can be translated on the fly and can be adjusted to handle different coding systems, tax systems, barcode systems, languages and accounting terminology. Each supported country comes with it's own template configured for those local conditions. "... read more

Posted by Philip Copeman 2006-06-28

TurboCASH development implementing Firebird database

TurboCASH is working on the implementation of the Firebird opensource database.
Currently TurboCASH is storing his data into the Borland BDE-paradox datafiles. As we want to move to total opensource components Firebird is the first step we take.
At the moment the database is seperated from the application, we can rework the application code from Delphi to Lazarus and deliver TurboCASH as a multi-platform application.
Plan is to deliver in March the first stable TurboCASH-Firebird version.

Posted by Janneman 2006-01-30

TurboCASH 3-7-4-98 Released

We have released the 3-7-4-98 version that will be for now the latest version working with the BDE database.
Our developers have started to work on the Firebird open source database implementation. We hope to deliver a new stable version in March that will support a standalone- and server installation.
Also a migrationtool to convert from BDE to Firebird is in plan.
This is the first step to transfer TurboCASH to a multi-operating system application that will support installation on Linux, Windows and MAC.

Posted by Janneman 2006-01-30

TurboCASH 3-7-4-94 Released

We are pleased to announce our next release. We have solved again many minor issues and added new functionality at your requests.

Bugs Deliver
1403782 No balans for last year
1399678 Creating Documents in last year
1399667 Import of the stock Imports Group2 with group1 text
1399666 Error opening new year
1393610 Can't set payment time to 0 (zero)
1391717 Show Statement Icon in Bank Reconciliation
1389768 Can not select To period for Transaction Reports... read more

Posted by Janneman 2006-01-23

TurboCASH 3-7-4-63 Released

In this release we have solved many bugs and inserted new Feature Request asked for by our users. Below is the total list with its tracker number.


1393066 Translation lost in Batch
1391720 Salesperson not default to master record setting
1391005 Main Accounts & Sub Accounts appear in lookup box
1389775 Delete Default incorrectly set to All
1389765 Apply Discount on Stock Items
1386757 Error tblStockAdj - Dataset not in edit or insert mode
1382167 Error if change value in Open Item Selection Scrn
1382158 4 digit Control Accounts not in Trial Balance
1382047 Stock Type Sales (no stock) and Purchase (No Stock) switched
1381116 Create Customised Set of Books
1381063 BOM Component Quantities not remembered
1380976 Stock Price1 & Price3 do not update correct
1380960 Forum Link from Help Menu Option
1391718 Service Items not Default to Customer Price List... read more

Posted by Janneman 2005-12-31

Announcement on Bug reporting

Announcement on Bug reporting

Turbocash Accounting is pleased to announce that we are reaching a new milestone in our Project.
As our installed base is growing very fast, we have to streamline and reorganize our structure regarding;

  • Reporting and handling of Bugs and Feature Requests.
    The developers need a central place where bugs are reported and handled in a structured way. We have chosen to do this in our project place on SourceForge.net. (https://sourceforge.net/projects/turbocash/)... read more
Posted by Janneman 2005-12-02

TurboCASH Payroll Released

Currently all the commercial Payroll programs are dominated by the "Annual Update Syndrome". That is the Developers want to "gouge" the users for their tax tables every year. This is the source that drives the whole industry. They also have complex Dialogue based systems that talk you through the nuances of each tax system. The results is dry, obtuse programs that take days of in house training and installation and come in at a really expensive price. Further, these are then run independently of the Accounting system and each user has to reenter the data in his accounting system . Users have to figure out what to Debit andwhat to Credit.... read more

Posted by Philip Copeman 2005-08-25

TurboCash 3-7-3-1179

The latest version of turbocash include

  • Changed invoicing document system to be more logic in use.
  • Improved POS module with weight dish support.
  • The OSCommerce import plugin.
  • Reportman pluing reports to replace the current report system.
  • Enhanced contacts and calender with TurboPower components. including Repeated invoices on a calender item. and appointments with debtors and creditors.... read more
Posted by PieterValentijn 2005-05-27

OPen Standards Pay off for TurboCASH

It has been a learning curve for us changing to Open Source. We have been at it for 20 months now.

What is paying off for us is our willingness to openly connect to other companies and systems. The Open Architecture of TurboCASH and in particular the XML capabilities make "talking" to other systems relatively easy. We have done interaction with small and big systems This has brought us many new users.... read more

Posted by Philip Copeman 2005-03-17


TurboCash the rising accounting star. We have been working hard on the new release And manny new translated screens has seen the light of day. This new release has got lots of new features like.

Bankstament input improved.
Pay creditors and make a clieopfile.
Unpost batches.
Trailbalance with unposted batches input.
Autopost documents.


Posted by PieterValentijn 2005-01-13

A TurboCASH roadmap for Linux

A TurboCASH roadmap for Linux

11 September 2003


Do not lose sight of the fact that TurboCASH is a General ledger and not a front end workflow or ERP system. This applies no matter how big we get. In an enterprise world we would be a JD Edwards, not a SAP. It is our job to talk to all the workflow and ERP systems, but in the end we file transactions into accounts and report on them.

All the plugins and partnerships is what gets us the enterprise stuff, but that is totally variable. What always stays the same in every company is that they all have a ledger in the back room. So while we will design a generalised stock and invoicing system. This is going to fall short of everyones expectations and in fact if they require specialised or complex systems, these will best be written outside of TurboCASH.... read more

Posted by Philip Copeman 2003-09-13

What TurboCASH Is (and Isn't)

What TurboCASH Is (and Isn't)

11 September 2003

TurboCASH is:

a modern program (designed 1998) and implemented 1999 to 2003. This makes it the only major accounting package designed after the advent of the World Wide Web. All other major competitors in this area are legacy systems written in 16 Bit technology that have been clumsily extended to incorporate the growing presence of the Internet;

it represents 30 man years of work. Philip Copeman, Sylvain Nzala, Danie van Zyl, Faizel Razak and Sylvain Mbumba have worked full time for 5 years on the design, development and debugging of the system and have been helped part time by around 20 Accountants, software specialists and consultants totalling around a further 10 man years. ... read more

Posted by Philip Copeman 2003-09-13

TurboCASH Accounting Launched

TurboCASH Accounting, the worlds leading Open Source Entry level Accounting package was launched for on Sourceforge.net today, 26 July 2003.

TurboCASH is a high quality product that has an installed base of 15 000 users. 5000 new registrations were revieved for the month of July 2003.

Philip Copeman, MD of TurboCASH Accounting is upbeat about the move. "Sourceforge is the leader in bringing Open Source communities together. We agonised for months before taking a business, that has worked for us for 15 years under a closed architecture and throwing it to the wind in the Open Source community. The response has been fantastic. "... read more

Posted by Philip Copeman 2003-07-26

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