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Regular Expression Matcher

Started on matcher that uses a regular expression to match against field values in a tuple.

Posted by Mike 2012-09-25

Release 2

Is now available. It introduces bounded and unbounded channels. See the latest JavaDoc for the Channel API.

Posted by Mike 2012-09-16


Started exploratory work on REST interface to a space.

Posted by Mike 2012-09-09

Unbounded Channels

Unbounded channels have been added and are looking stable under distributed and concurrent access. Bounded channels are next...

Posted by Mike 2012-09-06


Started work on adding bounded and unbounded channels. Very much like a queue but can be accessed over a network and by multiple readers(or removers) and writers.

Posted by Mike 2012-09-03

Full remote capability

Spaces can be created and accessed over a network.

Posted by Mike 2012-06-17

Experimental remoting.

Experimental code to allow networked communication to a space. This is done using Jetty with a servlet controller.

Posted by Mike 2012-06-05 Labels: remote network

Tuple Spaces goes live!

The first beta of Tuple Spaces is now available. This is an in-process space, work is already underway to provide network access to the space.

Posted by Mike 2012-06-03 Labels: tuple space

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