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2.1 beta works with gcc

After major rework and some fancy template magic, I have 2.1 working with gcc. Here are some of the highlights:

- Removed implicit double conversions. This has been the source of many errors using the library.

- Made value type a template parameter, defaults to double. You can now use float or even integer types.

- Added generic type-safe arithmetic. You can now make arbitrary arithmetic combinations of units!... read more

Posted by Keith Nicewarner 2007-10-17

1.4.14 Builds with gcc 3.4.x and .NET

I've confirmed the compile problems with gcc 3.4.x have been fixed and the fixes don't break the .NET build.

Posted by Keith Nicewarner 2005-07-06

Units 1.4.10 Upgraded to gcc 3.2.2 and .NET 2003

Updated to compile with latest compilers. .NET fixed
many problems preventing the Debug and test apps
from building with MSVC++ 6.0. The package still
compiles as well as it ever did on older compiler

Posted by Keith Nicewarner 2003-08-07

The Units of Measure Library Now Builds with gcc 3.1

The latest release, 1.4.9, now builds and runs with gcc 3.1. The mods are backward-
compatible. These have been tested on Linux and Solaris.

Posted by Keith Nicewarner 2002-08-06

The Units of Measure Library 1.4.8 Released

Added interaction operators for AngularAcceleration, Length, and Speed.

Posted by Keith Nicewarner 2001-09-26

The Units of Measure Library 1.4.7 Released

This version fixes some compile problems on Linux.
Now works on Windows, Solaris, and Linux.

Posted by Keith Nicewarner 2001-09-22

The Units of Measure Library 1.4.6 Released

Version 1.4.6 of The Units of Measure Library has been released. See
This library contains C++ classes that provide type-safe units of measure
for various 1, 2, and 3 dimensional properties. It makes it very difficult
to incorrectly mix, say, feet and meters; however, it does not introduce
any run-time penalty for it. All the units type checking is done at compile
time by the compiler.... read more

Posted by Keith Nicewarner 2001-08-20