Ossehead - 2004-12-14

(as explained in previous posts, we use the tunez system in a shop where music is activaly choosen and played)

We have the machine setup with a nice soundcard which delivers good sound to our audio equipment, its  hooked up to our mixpanel which send it though to the other components and the speakers on 2 different floors, with different volume and such.
We also use 2 cd standalone cd players in the past it was ideal to listen to a track on player 2 before playing/interrupting player 1.
As we are getting a large database of songs, it would be a positive thing if the users could pre-hear the song without adding it to a playlist yet.
Since we have an extra normal soundcard it should work if, for example, there would be an icon next to every song when you browse them, that plays the song with the second soundcard. which can be heared on the mixpanel`s headphones.