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Universal Binary Now Available

Apple's move to Intel is approaching faster than ever, and with rumors of the first Intel-based Mac rolling off the assembly line in January, I thought TuneConnect had better be ready. Now available on the SourceForge files page (http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=147177): TuneConnect in Universal Binary form (requires Mac OS X 10.4 or greater).

Posted by Matt 2005-12-09

Version 1.0 Released

Well, it's been a long and winding road, but in a course of just over 3 months we've made it to version 1.0. TuneConnect is already a robust program, and is ready to take on the spotlight.

New features in this version include sorting in the track browser, single-song repeat support, and *fanfare on trumpet* Bonjour/Réndèzvous support to automatically detect other Remote Apple Events-enabled computers on your local network. A few minor bug fixes and aesthetic additions grace version 1.0. The first real milestone release is bound to please anyone who uses it.... read more

Posted by Matt 2005-12-04

Version 0.9 Released

Hot off the presses! TuneConnect 0.9 is now available, and some of the new features are going to blow you away.

On top of fixing all those little annoyances with the track browser, and speeding it up to about 4x its original rate, TuneConnect now supports control of iTunes' powerful graphic equalizer, new, easier ways to play through an entire playlist (leave the search string blank, choose a playlist, click Play), the new "Don't ask, just connect" feature to speed up loading, and the highly coveted Shuffle and Repeat features.... read more

Posted by Matt 2005-10-24

Visualizations Bug "Fixed"

Version 0.8 of TuneConnect added control for iTunes visualizations, but there was one tiny little flaw: you could not turn the visualizations on or off if they were not in Fullscreen mode. Well, to my relief, I have recently discovered that this is an iTunes bug, not a TuneConnect bug. You see, turning visualizations on and off out of fullscreen mode works just fine (at least, in iTunes 6.0), but iTunes has to be the frontmost and active application on the computer the music is playing on. Why? I have no clue. But it works! :-D

Posted by Matt 2005-10-22

Version 0.8 Released

Carrying with it one of the most-requested features yet, version 0.8 of TuneConnect is now available.

Do you have a tendency to forget what's in your iTunes library? Well don't worry about it anymore, because TuneConnect now features a track browser. Rather sluggish and not exactly responsive, it's not a wonderful implementation, but it works perfectly. To use it, simply click the Track Browser button in the lower right-hand corner of the window.... read more

Posted by Matt 2005-10-09


TuneConnect downloads have been steadily increasing, but the more users the better, so I'd like to start getting the word out as much as possible.

Some people have taken it upon themselves to start spreading the word, and to a small extent the effect can already be seen. TuneConnect was mentioned on Surf-Bit's Mac ReviewCast (http://www.macreviewcast.com/?p=54, also available through iTunes), and at least one blog (http://macintoshblog.blogspot.com) mentioned it in one or two of their entried. So to those two sites, I'd like to say thanks for your help!... read more

Posted by Matt 2005-10-06

TuneConnect Tip #1: Change the Polling Interval

Did you know that you can control how often TuneConnect updates its information from iTunes? The default is 2 seconds, but recent performance improvements in v0.7 make it equally feasible to set this to 1 second, for real-time feedback and higher responsiveness. Or maybe you're doing a lot of processor-intensive work while listening to music, and want to squeeze every little bit of performance out of your Mac... try changing TuneConnect's update interval to something like 10 seconds. Your interface won't update as frequently, but that won't be important if you're doing other work, and it'll help you save processing power. This change can be made in the Preferences window under "iTunes Polling Interval."

Posted by Matt 2005-10-01

Version 0.7 Released

In the most radical update yet, TuneConnect 0.7 has just been released.

TuneConnect 0.7 sports a totally overhauled interface, modeled to slightly resemble the iTunes mini-player look. The connect/disconnect buttons have been removed, streamlining the connection process (you're automatically prompted to connect when you start the program, and you can connect to a different computer by clicking a small "+" in the bottom left of the program window).... read more

Posted by Matt 2005-09-29

TuneConnect on Third-Party Sites

For those of you who havent noticed, TuneConnect isnt just available at SourceForge. Oh no, quite to the contrary, TuneConnect is available pretty much anywhere you can find good Mac OS X software. MacUpdate, VersionTracker, Softpedia, and now Apple all have links to download TuneConnect.

Whats more, for a limited time (I hope its not too limited), TuneConnect is the featured download in the iPod + iTunes section of Apples software download website!

Posted by Matt 2005-09-22

Version 0.6 Released

Newly-branded TuneConnect has just been released in the form of version 0.6, which offers three major improvements to make controlling your music easier.

Most importantly is probably a volume control, which can be found on the iTunes Status window. Dragging this slider up and down changes the volume of iTunes on the remote computer in real-time. Perfect for those songs that play just a little too loud.... read more

Posted by Matt 2005-09-21

TuneUp to Become TuneConnect

Due to international copyright issues, starting with v0.6, TuneUp is to become TuneConnect. All material regarding TuneConnect will be updated to reflect the name change starting today, including all download mirrors. Theres a good chance, however, that the UNIX name of the project on SourceForge will have to remain TuneUp (so the URL will still be http://tuneup.sourceforge.net, unless I can convince them to let me change it I seriously doubt it), and the releases v0.5 and prior will still bear the TuneUp name. Otherwise, we are now officially The TuneConnect Project.

Posted by Matt 2005-09-14

TuneUp Version 0.5 Released

This version of TuneUp is the first milestone release-- we're halfway to version 1.0! New to this version is full Growl support (and no error messages for those of you who don't have Growl), a preference window, auto-updating, and control over the amount of time between iTunes polls.

One of the nice things about Growl is that it has the ability to show raw PICT data in its notification icon. For a while, therefore, I had Growl displaying iTunes Album Art in its notifications. However, the bugfix that allows TuneUp to work when Growl isn't installed prevents me from getting that raw data to Growl (in technical terms, AppleScript can't coerce the data to a string to be passed as an argument to the script), so it can no longer display album art. In a future version, I may find a way to reimplement this however.... read more

Posted by Matt 2005-09-13

No Promises... but...

I'm not making any promises that any of this will actually happen. It might involve disrupting the core of the project itself, and therefore this idea wouldn't be pursued (or at least, not until a later time). But......

The usefulness of TuneUp would double, triple, or even quadruple if it were cross-platform-- and not only usable for Windows-to-Windows and Mac-to-Mac connections, but Windows-to-Mac and vice versa.... read more

Posted by Matt 2005-09-11

About Upcoming v0.5

I'm working very hard on v0.5, but there are a couple of bugs that just won't seem to fix. The documentation won't show up, and in fixing the v0.4 Growl bug (the one that required Growl to at least be installed on the machine, even if disabled-- which it was by default-- yeah, sorry about that, it won't happen again) it knocked out the new "Album Art in Growl" feature, so I'll see if I can get those fixed before posting 0.5.... read more

Posted by Matt 2005-09-08

Version 0.4 Released

Version 0.4 of TuneUp introduces a new documentation system (which doesn't work on some computers... but it's there, trust me! There's a bugfix in place for version 0.5) and a preference framework, which paves the way for the preferences window that will be available in version 0.5. So far, this only helps the end user by remembering the machine that they last connected to and inserting that as the default in the "Connect" dialog box. However, for the more adventurous, play around with the preferences file (~/Library/Preferences/net.sourceforge.TuneUp.plist) and see what you can do (for example, you can enable the unstable support for Growl if you have it installed).

Posted by Matt 2005-09-05

Version 0.3 Released

Version 0.3 of TuneUp has officially been released.

This new version of TuneUp brings with it a slightly new interface (with the addition of the iTunes Status window) and a couple of extra features that tell you more about what iTunes is doing. In addition, there are a couple of new bugfixes, and the menu at the top of the screen has been updated (it also includes keyboard shortcuts).

Posted by Matt 2005-09-04

Version 0.2.1 Released

Version 0.2.1 of TuneUp has just been release, mainly as a bug-fix but also adding minor functionality.

This update fixes the NSReceiver error that occurs when the program tries to update the window when there's an alert or dialog on the screen. More information is available in the Changelog (click the release name-- tuneup-0.2.1-- in the Files section), and more information on the NSReceiver bug is available under the Bugs section.

Posted by Matt 2005-09-01

Version 0.2 Released

Just two days after the release of version 0.1, version 0.2 of TuneUp has been released.

So far, TuneUp seems fairly stable, but it would appear that a slight amount of stablility has been lost due to the constant polling of iTunes for its status. However, without this polling, users would not be told what the currently playing track was, and this is the same method commercial programs use, so unfortunately it must be done.... read more

Posted by Matt 2005-08-31

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