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Files removed from tulip project

The latest tulip driver can be found in the Linux kernel source code,

Posted by Jeff Garzik 2004-08-17

Tulip driver 1.1.8 released

Version 1.1.8 of the Linux Tulip driver is now available for download at

More bug fixes, users are encouraged to upgrade. Full release notes and changelog are posted with the file release.

Posted by Jeff Garzik 2001-06-16

Tulip 1.1.6-devel ethernet driver released

Yet more bug fixes for the driver. With this version all major bug reports are closed. After this version is tested for a while, the fixes will go to Linus and be merged into the stable version of the driver.

Posted by Jeff Garzik 2001-05-12

Tulip 1.1.5-devel ethernet driver released

Another update of the Tulip ethernet driver has been released, fixing support for some popular chips.

Yet again SourceForge has not made the files immediately available on the download page. Please go to the following URL until this minor problem is corrected:

Posted by Jeff Garzik 2001-05-11

Tulip 1.1.4-devel ethernet driver released

The Tulip ethernet driver for 2.4.x kernels has been updated to include more bug fixes, and a few internal code cleanups.

Posted by Jeff Garzik 2001-05-11

Tulip 1.1.3-devel ethernet driver released

The latest unstable development release of the Linux Tulip driver, version 1.1.3, has been posted. This is mainly a bug fix release, with no new features. See the release notes and changelog for more details.

Posted by Jeff Garzik 2001-04-03

Tulip 1.1.2-devel ethernet driver released

A new development version of the Tulip ethernet driver has been posted.

Posted by Jeff Garzik 2001-02-20

Tulip 0.9.14-stable ethernet driver released

A new version of the Tulip driver's stable branch has been released.

Posted by Jeff Garzik 2001-02-20

Linux Tulip driver devel release 1.1.1

A new version of the 2.4.x Linux kernel "Tulip" ethernet driver has been uploaded, version 1.1.1. This update mainly includes bug fixes, and support for Davicom boards.

Posted by Jeff Garzik 2001-01-17

Linux Tulip driver devel release 1.1.0

The first development release of the next version of the Linux Tulip ethernet driver, version 1.1.0, has been posted. Release notes, source tarballs, and source diffs are available on the SourceForge project page:

Posted by Jeff Garzik 2000-11-03

Tulip Specs posted on FTP site

Public (non-NDA) specifications for chips in the Tulip family were posted on the Tulip FTP site. Visit

Posted by Jeff Garzik 2000-11-02

Tulip driver now at SourceForge

The Linux kernel 2.4.x ethernet driver for Digital/Intel 21x4x ("Tulip") family of ethernet chips now resides at SourceForge.

Posted by Jeff Garzik 2000-10-18

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