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Tudu Lists (a Spring application) / News: Recent posts

Tudu Lists 2.2 released

Version 2.2 of Tudu Lists has been released.

This new version includes :

* - Better Eclipse configuration using WTP and Tomcat (remember Tudu Lists is a sample application for a Spring book...)
* - In-line editing of todos (a much requested feature : Guillaume Laforge told me about this some 2 years ago! And it was surprisingly easy to do...).
* - Better use of ehcache : now Acegi Security and Hibernate have separated ehcache instances, which will suppress some annoying messages when shutting down the application.
* - Several minor bugs corrected.... read more

Posted by Julien Dubois 2007-09-19

Tudu Lists 2.1 released

Tudu Lists, our sample Spring/JPA/AJAX application has been released.
Read the changelog here :

Posted by Julien Dubois 2007-08-09

Tudu Lists 2.0 released

Spring 2.0 and JPA are the main technical enhancements over the 1.x versions of Tudu Lists. The application is also more modular and better documented, which makes it an even better example for Spring users.

Concerning end-users, there's lots of UI enhancements and nice new little features, but the aim was to keep the application as simple and as easy-to-use as it was. I've had lots of positive feedback concerning the UI, so I was very careful to keep it as simple as possible.... read more

Posted by Julien Dubois 2007-07-11

Tudu Lists 2.0-beta-1 released

Tudu Lists 2.0-beta-1 has been released, see :

Posted by Julien Dubois 2006-12-28

Tudu Lists 2.0-alpha-1 released!

Posted by Julien Dubois 2006-12-09

Tudu Lists 1.2 released!

Tudu Lists, the Spring + AJAX todo lists manager, has just got its 1.2 version released.
This version features a new packaging that will help developers using Tudu Lists as a sample J2EE application.

Posted by Julien Dubois 2006-05-28

Tudu Lists 1.1 released

Released 1.1 stable version, with some libraries versions upgraded, and improved Todos sorting.

Posted by Julien Dubois 2006-04-09

Tudu Lists 1.1-rc-3 released

This version should be the last before 1.1 final, it only corrects bug #1440465.

Posted by Julien Dubois 2006-03-08

Tudu Lists 1.1-rc-2 released

More features, performance improvements, new bugs!!

Posted by Julien Dubois 2006-02-26

Tudu Lists 1.1-rc-1 released!

This version adds some really nice new special effects and functionnalities.

Posted by Julien Dubois 2006-02-07

Tudu Lists 1.1 beta 2 released!

This release adds utf-8 support for the whole application.
You can now use Tudu Lists with non-latin character sets, like Chinese.

Posted by Julien Dubois 2006-01-20

Tudu Lists 1.1 beta 1 released!

Version 1.0 of Tudu Lists has been quite successful, according to our download stats on Sourceforge. We didn't have much bugs, so this version is more about new features and improvements than a bug correction version.

This is of course a beta release. It's the first release we make with the new Maven 2 build system. It's also the first release with Spring 2.0 M 1, DWR 1.1 beta 3,, etc etc.... read more

Posted by Julien Dubois 2006-01-02

Tudu Lists 1.0-rc-3 released!

As always, you can grab the latest version at

If you're upgrading from an older version, don't forget to run the migration scripts in the sql/ folder of the distribution.

Posted by Julien Dubois 2005-09-26

Tudu Lists Release Candidate 1 released!

Tudu Lists is a killer Open Source J2EE + AJAX Todo Lists manager.

Lots of new features (due dates...) and easier installation for this first release candidate. We are now in "feature freeze" mode, and will focus on bug corrections.

You can read the documentation and download this version from our developpement website <a href=""></a>.... read more

Posted by Julien Dubois 2005-09-13

Tudu Lists 1.0 beta 4 released!

Now with Internet Explorer support, so this should be the last beta before release candidate 1

Posted by Julien Dubois 2005-09-04

Tudu Lists 1.0-beta-3 released

Lots of improvement in the area of AJAX, simplification of the code base, and all known bugs fixed!

Posted by Julien Dubois 2005-09-03

Looking for some J2EE hosting


Our project is now close to beta, and we're looking for some hosting.
It's a J2EE application, so we need a J2EE app server (any server should work, starting with Tomcat) and a database (any database should work). Of course, the OS is also unimportant.
If you feel ready to help, don't hesitate to join us.


Posted by Julien Dubois 2005-07-09