Todo architecture

  • Vlad Lutsker

    Vlad Lutsker - 2009-06-18


    I think Todo list application is imazing app. Thank you for showing us how to use the latest technology.

    Is possible that you could send me the high level architecture. Where in the application Spring dependency injection starts? Previously I used BeanFactory to inject the objects.

    Thank you.

  • Rajesh Tummuri

    Rajesh Tummuri - 2015-08-11

    Hi Julien,
    This may be little old to check this project. I am new to Maven and started using spring framework recently. So i started exploring some projects here and found your app. It has really helpful stuff that i can learn from this project.Thanks for putting effort on tool and sharing your app.

    Coming to point I am not able to find the High Level Architecture Document mentioned. Is this link( still valid? If not, can you please share documents of Architecture, Help files regarding sub components.
    Any tips, guides, tutorials related to this work are most welcome.

    Rajesh T

  • vineeth s nair

    vineeth s nair - 2015-12-30

    the Architecture Document link is not working. Please provide a valid link


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