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Well, it's been a while since ttf2pt1 was last updated. My (Sergey Babkin's) latest project is a book on parallel programming. The SourceForge site with examples is , and the free online edition is is posted on . It also has the links to where the improved printed edition can be purchased from Amazon and CreateSpace.

Posted by Sergey Babkin 2010-04-06

New Year day release 3.4.4 of ttf2pt1

ttf2pt1 is a font converter from TTF, BDF and
other font formats supported by Freetype2 into the Type1 format, with auto-hinting and vectorization of bitmap fonts.

I've finally got together and fixed a number of
outstanding issues (not all of them, I have more sitting in my archive). So here is the release 3.4.4 of ttf2pt1. It contains:

New features:
* Improved the auto-vectoring (-OV) alrogithm.
* Allow use of any encoding table of format 4 in the ttf parser.
* Take the first available format 4 encoding table if no known table is found in the ttf parser.
* The ttf parser lists the available encodings if no supported encoding table is found. This can be used to list the encodings in any font by specifying a bogus explicit PID/EID, such as with option -l plane+pid=50,eid=50.... read more

Posted by Sergey Babkin 2003-12-31


I have published the release 3.4.3 of ttf2pt1. It contains a fix
for a major packaging error (app/TeX was omitted in 3.4.2)
and a couple enhancements to scripts/forceiso.

BTW, the preceding snapshots were called 3.4.4-xxxxxx by mistake,
they should have been 3.4.3-xxxxxx.

Posted by Sergey Babkin 2002-12-05

ttf2pt1-3.4.2 released

Since there were no complaints about the last snapshot,
I've made it into a release.

Posted by Sergey Babkin 2002-08-30

ttf2pt1-3.4.1 released

Ttf2pt1 is a font converter from various formats to Adobe Type1.

It has suddenly occured to me today that ttf2pt1 has been sitting without movement for quite a while with a bunch of fixes released only as snapshots. I've been hoping to do something with a pile of bug reports in my mailbox and to complete the vectorization stuff but apparently it will take some more time. Since the last snapshot has been sitting out there for almost 2 months without complains, I decided to not waste more time and cut a new release right now. So here it is, ttf2pt1-3.4.1:... read more

Posted by Sergey Babkin 2002-06-14

ttf2pt1 release 3.4.0

Ttf2pt1 is a converter of various scalable font formats
(most notably TTF) and of the bitmapped BDF
format into PostScript Type 1 fonts and metrics
(.pfa, .pfb, .afm).

The major features in the release 3.4.0 are the vastly
improved code for smoothing and optimizing of outlines
and the support for reading the bitmapped font formats.
Only one bitmapped font format, BDF, is supported now
but their number will grow. The full list of the changes
in this release:... read more

Posted by Sergey Babkin 2001-11-26

ttf2pt1 release 3.3.5 - itermediate

The purpose of this version is to release the known
bug fixes before introducing the new major features.
Of which I have 2 sitting partially done:

- Support of the BDF source fonts (and probably other
bitmapped formats as well), the simple implementation
is mostly done.

- Better cleaning of the outlines. I have written an algorithm that plots a reasonably close Bezier curve
by a set of dots but the actual high-level logic
using this algorithm is to be written yet.

Posted by Sergey Babkin 2001-09-12

ttf2pt1 release 3.3.4

The release 3.3.4 of ttf2pt1 has been published.
Though it will take SourceForge some time to
distribute the files to all its download servers.

Posted by Sergey Babkin 2001-06-05

ttf2pt1 works fine on IA-64 Linux

ttf2pt1 TTF->Type1 font converter has been tested on
IA-64 Linux. It builds and works fine on this architecture.

Posted by Sergey Babkin 2000-07-25

ttf2pt1 works fine under BeOS

ttf2pt1, the TrueType to PS Type 1 Font Converter, compiles right out of the box under BeOS 5.0 (Personal Edition)! Even though TrueType fonts are supported under BeOS, there might still be a use for a font converter. Homepage:

Posted by Thomas Henlich 2000-04-18