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TTCalc 0.9.0 released

Mathematical calculator TTCalc 0.9.0 released, main features are:
- pad window - a multiline edit window
- update checker
- some new options/buttons

Posted by Tomasz Sowa 2009-11-25

TTCalc 0.8.3 released

TTCalc is an open source bignum mathematical calculator.

Posted by Tomasz Sowa 2009-04-07

TTCalc 0.8.2 portable

2007.07.01 TTCalc - a mathematical calculator 0.8.2 portable version has been released.

Posted by Tomasz Sowa 2007-07-01

TTCalc 0.8.0 released

TTCalc is a new mathematical calculator for Microsoft Windows operating systems. This version is the first official version of this program.

Posted by Tomasz Sowa 2007-04-02