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tSubGet is a teletext subtitle extractor, intended for use with DVR-MS and WTV files. Using DirectShow, the teletext stream is parsed and subtitles are written out in the SubRip (srt) format. Colour tags can also be written-out if requested.

tSubGet is intended for use with Australian tv recordings; while possible, it is not guaranteed to work for any other country. However, there is experimental support for other languages (Latin based languages and Greek*).

To work with Greek text, a modified version will need to be downloaded. Since I don't know Greek and don't have any Greek sample recordings, I don't know if it works or if it produces gibberish.

For versions below 0.9.5, there is an included utility called streamDump that can extract a particular stream (given a relevant GUID), and if requested, also provide the timestamp for each sample. See [Dumping a Stream] for more information.

If you are sure that your recording has teletext-style subtitles, it would be great if you can submit a sample for me to test tSubGet on, especially if it is a recording from a country that is not Australia.

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tSubGet main interface

Common Problems

Problem Solution
A COM error occurred Ensure that NullGrabber.dll is in the same location as the executable. If it still doesn't work, message me!
The progress indicator does not move from 00:00:00 The video file likely has a teletext stream, but the stream is empty. The file may contain DVB subtitles, which is totally different (bitmap based), and cannot be processed by tSubGet.
'The input file cannot be processed' There's likely no teletext stream. If you know there are subtitles, they are probably of a different format (eg DVB subtitles as above). tSubGet will not work with these other formats.
The file is processed but no srt file is generated This may indicate that no subtitles were found. Ensure that you have set the teletext page to the correct setting for your TV channel/Country.
tSubGet is not working with WTV files As tSubGet relies on DirectShow to work, you will need a computer running Windows Vista or greater to work with WTV files (Windows XP does not have a suitable source filter for WTV files)

tSubGet still doesn't work? Looking for an alternative?

Below are some links to other software that also decode teletext-style subtitles, using differing methods.

  • Try OzTTRip by MickJT, which should also work for Australian recordings.
  • Try TT Subripper by Filiep Geeraert
  • Try telxcc, which should work for .TS files.


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