TSQLUnit unit testing framework / News: Recent posts

Tracker, forum were shut down.

The same functionality exists in Trac on the new project site http://tsqlunit.sourceforge.net.

Posted by Alex Evdokimenko 2009-07-05

Relese 0.91 RC1

The release is available in the SVN. I'm working with SF.net support to resolve the issue with File Release System. Hopefully sometime next week RC1 will make it to the actual release.

Posted by Alex Evdokimenko 2009-07-04

Project web-site redirected to Trac

The project url http://tsqlunit.sourceforge.net will take you to the Trac hosted application, which has integrated wiki, tickets and version history all in one place.

Posted by Alex Evdokimenko 2009-06-10

Version 0.91 release is postponed

Due to very limited time available for TSQLUnit project I'm planning to postpone the version 0.91 release until mid-June. I'll keep everybody posted. Thanks,

Posted by Alex Evdokimenko 2009-06-02

Source code for version 0.9 uploaded to Subversion

It can be browsed either in the project site http://tsqlunit.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/tsqlunit/ or in Trac https://apps.sourceforge.net/trac/tsqlunit/browser with syntax highlighting.

Posted by Alex Evdokimenko 2009-05-07

Trac has been set up

Here is the url http://apps.sourceforge.net/trac/tsqlunit

Trac is an enhanced wiki and issue tracking system for software development projects. The original web-site was converted to wiki mostly intact.

Posted by Alex Evdokimenko 2009-05-06

Back to life


About 6 months ago I started to look for a SQL testing framework that would not require any other infrastructure pieces to support it, just MS SQL Server. To my surprise the TSQLUnit is the only open source solution that fits the bill. After a few tweaks and changes it has been implemented in production and is successfully used by both DBAs and developers in our organization.

As for the TSQLUnit project, the short term plan is to fix minor pending issues and make a new release of the framework by the end of May, 2009. The next major release should simplify test automation and integration with other testing tools, most likely straight forward integration with FitNesse will be the priority. Best practices and documentation pages should be updated as well.... read more

Posted by Alex Evdokimenko 2009-05-01