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TSE3 0.1.2

The 0.1.2 release of TSE3 is out after a long wait. This version sees:
- MidiEvent bug fixing
- Improved instrument file support (RPNs and NRPNs)
- More example code and documentation
- Imporved MidiFileExport API
- Introduction of XML file writing

Posted by Pete Goodliffe 2001-11-28

TSE3 0.1.1

TSE3 moves to version 0.1.1 (under its new "beta" status).
This release of the sequencer engine library provides full support for gcc 3.0 builds.

Posted by Pete Goodliffe 2001-07-25

TSE3 0.0.22 release

This is the first TSE3 library release to fully support the Alsa 0.5.x audio architecture. Other improvements include:
- Rearchitecture of Phrase management to prevent a class of user error.
- Notifier framework enhancements.
- PhraseEdit bug fixes - recording is now more reliable.
- Improved documentation

Posted by Pete Goodliffe 2001-03-06

TSE3 0.0.20 release

TSE3 0.0.20 has been released.

Major features include:
- New TrackSelection class, an analog of the PartSelection. These two can work together to ensure there is only ever one object selected.
- PhraseEdit vastly improved for use with GUI Phrase editors. Can now manage the selection of events much more intelligently and maintains a 'modified' status flag.
- All separate tse3 libraries have been rolled together into one libtse3 library for ease of use.
- Added buffer flushing to the CommandHistory.
- Extended Record class that is safer when multiple instances exist.

Posted by Pete Goodliffe 2001-01-24

TSE3 0.0.18 release

The 0.0.18 release of TSE3 has been made. It sees the inclusion of:
- More Command classes Greatly improved documentation
- Destination and Instrument system used by Application support (can be saved in configuration files)
- General bugfixes

Posted by Pete Goodliffe 2001-01-09

0.0.17 release

This is a minor relase which includes the "Progress.h" file which was omitted in the 0.0.16 release.

Posted by Pete Goodliffe 2000-11-21

0.0.16 Release

The 0.0.16 release of the TSE3 library is now available. It sees a greatly improved level of application support.

Posted by Pete Goodliffe 2000-11-20

0.0.13 release

The 0.0.13 release of the TSE3 is available for download. Changes since 0.0.12 include:
- Added multiple-thread support to TSE3 (see tes/Mutex.h)
- Beginnings of support for the ALSA library
- New UnixMidiSchedulerFactory that chooses either OSS or ALSA
depending on build flags and the system state
- Greatly improved build configurations (select OSS, Alsa, Mutex)
- Application class now how has a Destination object
- More Command classes
- Better docs
- Bug fixes (copying Parts broken)

Posted by Pete Goodliffe 2000-10-17

TSE3 0.0.11

The 0.0.11 of TSE3, the open source sequencer engine sees another major step taken towards the 'beta' version. The library structure has been improved and stabilised. Some extra functionality has been incorporated and reliablity fixes applied from user feedback.

TSE3 has been steadily estabilishing itself as a powerful backbone of MIDI sequencing applications.

Posted by Pete Goodliffe 2000-09-12

TSE3 0.0.8 released

Version 0.0.8 of TSE3, the open source sequencer engine library has been released. It sees a number of improvements to the API to ensure consistency and simplicity.

Posted by Pete Goodliffe 2000-08-16

TSE3 0.0.7 released

The 0.0.6 release of the TSE3 MIDI sequencer library caused build errors on some machines. The 0.0.7 release of the TSE3 library fixes this problem.

Posted by Pete Goodliffe 2000-07-19

TSE3 0.0.6 released

The 0.0.6 release of the TSE3 open source sequencer engine library sees a number of feature enhancements, as well as bugfixes and a more reliable OSS platform driver.

The release is the result of much feedback following greater use of the library.

The improvements include: enhanced application support facilities, standardised internationalisable error handling, new Part insert action, improved documentation and other API enhancements.

Posted by Pete Goodliffe 2000-07-18

TSE3 0.0.4 release

The latest source update brings a number of improvements. The library is more stable and provides more features, including:
* Key signature track
* GUS soundcard support
* Much faster MIDI file loading
* Drastically updated documentation
* Enhanced tse3play utility
* Better installation
* Many bug fixes

Posted by Pete Goodliffe 2000-06-09

TSE3 0.0.2 update

D'oh! The initial TSE3 release had a compilation flaw. The 0.0.2 release fixes this embarassing problem, giving you:

The intial alpha version of the TSE3 library. TSE3 is a portable open source MIDI sequencing library written in C++. It provides facilities for recording, playback and realtime effects. TSE3 comes with a command line file player, tse3play, to demonstrate some of the library's capabilities.... read more

Posted by Pete Goodliffe 2000-04-20

TSE3 initial release

The intial alpha version of the TSE3 library has been released. TSE3 is a portable open source MIDI sequencing library written in C++. It provides facilities for recording, playback and realtime effects.

More information can be found at from http://TSE3.sourceforge.net/

TSE3 comes with a command line file player, tse3play, to demonstrate some of the library's capabilities.

Posted by Pete Goodliffe 2000-04-19

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