john w mislan - 2001-08-05

Hi , I have SuSE-Linux-70-Kernel-2.4.2 - gcc2.95.3 - 40megs-ram Pent-200 ALSA-0.9.0-beta4 - ymfpci soundcard. - and  wmaker for light window mgr.

I downloaded tse3-0.1.0 , and was unable to compile --with-alsa .
I had to compile --with-alsa=no, --with-oss=yes .

Seems that there were all sorts of undeclared variables when trying to compile with alsa support.
TSE3 compiled fine as long as I exclude support for alsa.This is not acceptable for my purposes.

I would like to suggest that a requirements doc,
explain any issues that may exist with current alsa, api ,and TSE3 compile compatability.

'synth flush buffer' - and 'alsa synth' errors
were in the error code at failed compile, also
bailing out confused by last config.was stated.

It seems that the new, ALSA,'modular concept' api
is probably not, or not fully implemented in the current TSE3-0.1.0 .
ALSA has recently changed somewhat, in regard to,
synth opl3, midi 0-0 , It really bugs me when compiles bail out because of unknown variables.
please try and do something about this.
Even if in the form of some extra documentation to
warn us ahead of compiling.
!! Hope this Helps !!
John W Mislan