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Trusted Computing for the Java Platform / News: Recent posts

Christmas Surprise (2013/12/16)

Santa Clause just delivered a very special gift to the trustedJava community!
A shiny, new jTSS 0.7.1 is available for download.

This is mainly a maintenance release which includes a number of bugfixes.

Posted by Ronald Toegl 2013-12-16

Wave of Updates! (2011/09/16)

No less than three updated packages flooded the TrustedJava Project today!
Releases of jTSS and jTpmTools surfaced for immediate download in version 0.7 and
the acTvSM platform ran abeach in version 0.3.
First unconfirmed reports also tell us that a release candidate of the JSR321 High-Level API has
been sighted at

This comprehensive set of Java TCG Software Stack, command-line tools and a secure,
integrity-enforcing platform allows to employ the latest Trusted Computing
technology such as the TPM and Intel TXT in practice.

Posted by mpirker_iaik 2011-09-16

Harvest Season Continues (2010/10/07)

Yet another software package is ripe for release: acTvSM platform version 0.2 offers improved features and better hardware compatibility. Download it today and turn your services into trusted virtual applications.

Posted by Ronald Toegl 2010-10-07

New Releases (2010/10/06)

Deep from the mists of autumn, three releases have appeared at IAIK. Now, improved versions of jTSS and jTpm Tools (jTT) are available for download. TCcert library was also updated and now comes with full source code.

Posted by Ronald Toegl 2010-10-06

acTvSM platform released! (2010/06/10)

IAIK announces the first public release of the acTvSM trusted virtualization platform.

For engineering a trusted application the current main challenge is to maintain a known-good software configuration. acTvSM is designed to provide this on commodity hardware for commodity software.

The IAIK acTvSM Platform is a prototype integration of Intel Trusted Execution Technology into an off-the-shelf Linux operating system. The Linux boot process is modified so that the acTvSM platform offers TPM-based guarantees for base system integrity. Further, on top of the base system, virtualized applications can be executed. A set of tools and operational procedures allow flexible configuration management and updates.... read more

Posted by Ronald Toegl 2010-06-10

Spring Blossom: jTSS & jTpmTools (2010/03/05)

IAIK is happy to announce fresh and vibrant releases of jTSS and jTPM Tools!

Besides a number of bugfixes and improvements, jTSS now features a new deployment package, support for easy installation on Debian and six different versions of Windows.

jTpmTools have been synchronized with jTSS and also allow for new, more flexible combinations of commands.

Posted by Ronald Toegl 2010-03-05

Update of jTSS and jTpmTools (2009/08/27)

This update adds a comprehensive set of new jTpmTools commands
and proper jTSS support for full manipulation of TPM NV storage.
This allows to setup the proper policies for Trusted Boot (tboot),
a tool to perform a measured "late launch" via Intel TXT technology.

This release is EXPERIMENTAL! PLEASE study the specifications
carefully before use of the new commands. You can PERMANENTLY

Posted by mpirker_iaik 2009-08-27

PrivacyCA 0.2 demo responder (2009/04/03)

There is now a demo responder running the new
PrivacyCA protocol available at IAIK. See website for more information

Note that this website uses a different certificate
set than the one included in the apki distribution
package. Update the certificate and explicitly specify
host and port for use of this demo responder.

Posted by mpirker_iaik 2009-04-03

Package updates (2009/03/02)

=== jTSS 0.4a ===

This is a bugfix release which fixes an unfortunate bits vs.
bytes issue in TPM keyblob creation from Java keys. This error
affects all applications doing an AIK cycle with a PrivacyCA.

Consequently, all older releases are incompatible with other TSS
implementations (e.g. TrouSers) when doing an AIK cycle. Please
upgrade all your applications to jTSS 0.4a.

=== jTss Wrapper 0.4beta ===... read more

Posted by mpirker_iaik 2009-03-02

Trusted Computing for the Java Platform: jTSS: Christmas Release 0.4

Trusted Computing for the Java(tm) Platform project aims to develop Trusted Computing services, as defined by the TCG, for Java(tm).

Several new features have been incorporate in jTSS 0.4, the TCG Software Stack for Java, which is now available for download.

Changes include support for NV access, key migration, CMK, a new event log, an alternative SQL-Database for Persistent Storage, support for monotonic counters, more tests, a TrouSerS key import tool,..... read more

Posted by Ronald Toegl 2008-12-18

Publications and TCcert update (2008/07/09)

We are happy to provide you now with a list of scientific publications where we outline our efforts of integrating Trusted Computing in Java. Please see the "General Info" section.

Additionally, TCcert received a bugfix update.

Posted by mpirker_iaik 2008-07-09

Updates for jTPM Tools and XKMS (2008/06/05)

IAIK is happy to announce that the bugfix releases XKMS 0.2a and jTPM Tools 0.3c are available for download.

Posted by Ronald Toegl 2008-06-05

jTSS 0.3 with SOAP support and jTPM Tools 0.3b released!

IAIK is proud to announce the release of IAIK/OpenTC jTSS 0.3.
It now implements the TCS as a full SOAP based system service.
Other changes include more test cases, NV RAM read access and bug fixes.

jTPM Tools 0.3b are also released.

Posted by Ronald Toegl 2008-04-17

Trusted Computing for Java - Standardization has started!

Based on the experiences gained from the ongoing project, IAIK has initialized a Java Specification Request (JSR 321) in the Java Community Process (JCP).
We will design a new high-level API for the javax.trustedComputing namespace.

For more information and to find out how to participate in this open-source project, check out

Posted by Ronald Toegl 2008-03-17

jTSS Wrapper 0.3.1 released (2007/11/28)

IAIK is happy to announce the release of jTSS Wrapper 0.3.1.

This is a maintenance release which also includes some new experimental features.

Posted by Ronald Toegl 2007-11-28

TCPVM 0.1 package (2007/11/22)

The Trusted Computing team of IAIK releases a patch to the OpenJDK providing basic services to extend the chain-of-trust to the managed Java environment.

Note that the emphasis is on basic. This is a proof-of-concept implementation of the
mechanics, to gain experience of the issues involved.

Posted by Tobias Vejda 2007-11-22

IAIK jTSS 0.2 and jTPM Tools 0.3a released (2007/09/03)

IAIK announces the release of IAIK/OpenTC Java TSS 0.2 and Java TPM Tools 0.3a.

Changes include the support for persistent storage, time stamping and bug fixes.

Posted by Ronald Toegl 2007-09-03

PrivacyCA package (2007/06/25)

The Trusted Computing team of IAIK releases a basic PrivacyCA implementation, utilizing EK and AIK certificates, plus minimal PKI operations (e.g. issue, locate, validate, revoke).

Note that the emphasis is on basic. This is a proof-of-concept implementation of the
mechanics, to gain experience of the issues involved. A future advanced TC PKI design is expected to improve on the current design.

For your testing curiosity, a basic setup is running at
The default certificates packaged in
JTpmTools 0.3 match this setup.

Posted by mpirker_iaik 2007-06-25

New arrivals (2007/04/25)

IAIK Trusted Computing labs release a new set of software
packages to support Trusted Computing with the Java(tm)
programming language.

=== jTSS 0.1 ===

The IAIK jTSS stack is an implementation of the TCG Software
Stack for the Java(tm) programming language. In contrast to
the approach of the jTSS Wrapper, jTSS does not wrap a C stack
like TrouSerS but implements all the TSS layers in 100% Java(tm).... read more

Posted by mpirker_iaik 2007-04-25

IAIK/OpenTC Privacy CA test server (2007/04/06)

Moving Trusting Computing technology components from theory
to practical application, IAIK Trusted Computing labs has set up
a public Privacy CA test server at:

Posted by mpirker_iaik 2007-04-06

IAIK XKMS 0.2 (2007/02/08)

The trusted computing team of IAIK releases an update build of the XKMS protocol library. Real use highlights corners for improvement...

- API refactored

- lots of bug fixes

Posted by mpirker_iaik 2007-02-08