New arrivals (2007/04/25)

IAIK Trusted Computing labs release a new set of software
packages to support Trusted Computing with the Java(tm)
programming language.

=== jTSS 0.1 ===

The IAIK jTSS stack is an implementation of the TCG Software
Stack for the Java(tm) programming language. In contrast to
the approach of the jTSS Wrapper, jTSS does not wrap a C stack
like TrouSerS but implements all the TSS layers in 100% Java(tm).

Note: This is the first public release of IAIK jTSS and it is
still in early stages of development. It currently is regarded
as experimental software targeted at research and educational

=== jTss Wrapper 0.3 ===

Beginning with version 0.3, IAIK/OpenTC jTSS Wrapper is no
longer a standalone package, but is an add-on to the IAIK jTSS.

IAIK/OpenTC jTSS Wrapper provides Java(tm) bindings for the
TrouSerS TSS. To make switching between the wrapper and the
full jTSS stack as simple as possible, both packages employ
the same API.

=== jTpmTools 0.3 ===

The IAIK/OpenTC jTpmTools are a set of command line tools
demonstrating basic interaction with the Trusted Platform
Module (TPM) and the Trusted Software Stack (TSS).

This includes tools for taking/clearing ownership and
reading/extending PCRs. Also, commands for managing keys and
binding/sealing of data blocks are available. Further,
commands for creating Attestation Identity Keys (AIKs) and
interaction with a remote PrivacyCA service (to obtain
accompanying certificates) using the XKMS protocol are

=== TCcert 0.2.2 ===

This release synchronizes TCcert with the new releases of
jTpmTools and jTss.

Posted by mpirker_iaik 2007-04-25

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