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Upcoming Beta Release!!!

It has been a while, but I am finally about ready to put out a beta. I would like to know if others out there would like to have a bit of a challenge. The main things needed to be done is to get a ftp server, viewer, and html server in TCL/TK built into the software. If anyone would like to help with this, email me and I will add you to the project and when my beta comes out, I will let you all start working on it and making changes however you see fit.

Posted by Michael Doise 2004-09-10

TrueProgrammer back up and being developed.

After all this time, TrueProgrammer is back in the development stage. I am pleased to announce that I have remade the source in tcl, and will have an alpha release coming shortly. thanks.

Posted by Michael Doise 2004-08-09

TrueProgrammer web site up and online.

TrueTech officially has finished with the uploading of the TrueDeveloper website. it services all of the present, and upcoming projects having to do with development. This is also where you can find information on TrueProgrammer updates before they come here. the web site is


Posted by Michael Doise 2002-02-24

After a long time, an update finally is here!

I know it seems that this project was left to rott on SourceForge, but believe me, it is still well alive. Not only is it alive, but an update is now available. TrueProgrammer has totally been switched to TCL, and will be made for windows and linux ONLY. the dos verstion has been completely deleted. Since this softare is made in TCL, we designed an ide that will be included in the main package that we call TrueTCL. It is built over the wish interpreter, and lets you use commands from other packages that would normally have to be included all put in to one file. Only the source is available at this point, but a compiled windows version will be here shortly. Thank you all for a very long delay, and we will have updates and news more often... read more

Posted by Michael Doise 2002-01-13

TrueProgrammer for dos (BETA 1) RELEASE

Ok everyone, I have new news about TrueProgrammer. This news however comes from the dos edition of the project. Development is very much underway, and we should have a release for you by the end of next week. Keep in mind, that this project is going to be very big, and you will need special tools to open it.

things needed.
visual basic for dos for the source code.
windows 9x/me at least for now

Posted by Michael Doise 2001-03-29

change of plans

OK Everyone. Since this project is still fairly young, and we can make changes still on it, we are going to make some changes to the windows edition. The windows edition of the project has changed from being free software to non-free. People will have to pay for the project at This site is not up yet, and will not be for sometimes. However, we will be working on a linux version of the code which is in tcl. which can be useful for different things like cross platform compilation ............. Linux people will figure this one out. But we just wanted to let everyone know that if you want to get the edition for windows that will do only specific things for windows, you will have to pay a comercial fee.

Posted by Michael Doise 2001-03-15

trueprogrammer for windows beta 1 release

Ok everyone, we are now going to release a version of TrueProgrammer for windows. this is just a beta, and will do hardly anything more than just show a screen shot of what the project will look like in a way when it is complete. We will upload it here later on today(sunday).

Posted by Michael Doise 2001-03-11

What's been done so far.

Welcome! We are glad that you have taken some interest in our project. What we are trying to accomplish here, is a compiler for multiple programming languages, and also an IDE for multiple Platforms. We so far have allmost completed beta 1 of TrueProgrammer for dos. and are now working on windows and linux versions. The dos beta will be up shortly when we get a chance to upload it. The windows one will be soon to follow as well. All we can say to do is to check back with us. We will have new Mailing lists, and we will have a lot more news as well. Not as long an article as this usually, but something to let everyone know what's going on.

Posted by Michael Doise 2001-03-09