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0.2.0 Final released

TruBlog 0.2.0 final is here. It brings many improvements as well as bugfixes.

Most significant changes have happened to Setup, which is much more reliable by now. Also, the administrative interface has been enhanced a lot to allow easier
management of your weblog.

There have also been big changes in backend - we've finally introduced object-oriented core plus overhauled XML configuration file.

We've been working on simplyfing the translation process and fruits of this work are already here - Turkish and Dutch translations joined the Czech and English ones, thanks to our wonderful localisers.... read more

Posted by Lukas Petrovicky 2005-08-20

0.2.0 Preview 1 released!

TruBlog project is happy to anounce the release of 0.2.0 Preview 1.

It is the initial release for 0.2.x series. It should be much more stable than the 0.1.x line because it contains new configuration handling routines and also completely rewritten core, which is now object-oriented.

This release also contains improvements to the administrative interface. Now it comes with the ability to search for spots or comments. It also allows to edit spots and comments from the welcome page, which should simplify and further accelerate administration.... read more

Posted by Lukas Petrovicky 2005-08-05

0.1.3 bugfix release

Yet another bugfix update to the 0.1 series has just been released.
0.1.3 fixes few serious bugs regarding SQL queries used by the system.
None of these bugs has a security impact.

Posted by Lukas Petrovicky 2005-08-03

0.1.2 bugfix release

Another bugfix release to the 0.1 series is just out. It fixes one issue with comments and it makes locales functional again.

Posted by Lukas Petrovicky 2005-07-26

0.1.1 bugfix release

Not even a month after the initial 0.1.0 release, we're back with 0.1.1, which intends to fix bugs previously found in the 0.1.0.

None of these were critical or at least serious and none of these bugs brought security risks. Enjoy this release and stay tuned for more as we're headed for 0.2 alphas.

Posted by Lukas Petrovicky 2005-07-23

TruBlog 0.1 finally out!

It's been more than four months since our last release. However, it was well worth it. Our first beta-quality release is here!

During this development period, there've been many interesting changes. First of all, we're now and for ever named TruBlog and our motto says "The true weblogging". Second of all, we finally have a real documentation to be found at or downloaded as a package from this site.... read more

Posted by Lukas Petrovicky 2005-06-24

U-blog! is dead, long live TruBlog

Under various circumnstances, we've been forced to switch project name to TruBlog and under this name we'll release a first beta version.
Stay tuned!

Posted by Lukas Petrovicky 2005-02-23

Version 0.0.11 is out

As said before, U-blog! 0.0.9 was done in a real hurry and thus we now release 0.0.11 to fix the major problem with the previous version - the unability to log in after the setup finished.
However, there are also enhancements in this version - U-blog! can now finally flush record sets cache and has a variable META description.
Please note that translation are not ready yet, except for Czech and English. We'll get all the translations synced by the first beta release, the 0.1 version, which is definitely going to be the release.

Posted by Lukas Petrovicky 2005-02-20

U-blog! 0.0.9 is out

U-blog! is back and brings much more additional functionality.
We finally added Texy! for easier spot formating. (Yes, you don't have to use HTML now, if you want to) Also, Martin created a new default skin for the system.
There have also been great under-the-hood improvements, making U-blog! work on almost any 4.x or 5.x version of PHP. It's even more optimised for search engines as well.
As you can see in the changelog, there are huge changes and many bugfixes - however, this release was done under a little pressure, we needed to get it done just in time to have it ready for some reviews. This means that 0.0.9 may not be perfect, no matter how much we intended to. Please, be patient and report every bug you may find.... read more

Posted by Lukas Petrovicky 2005-02-17

U-blog! 0.0.8 released

Time has come for another release. 0.0.8 is important for it brings a lot of added functionality and is maybe the last release before 0.1, which will finally be a BETA.
We now support caching templates and database results. We also support 'overload mode', which makes the system as much lite as possible, for servers that need it.
U-blog! now supports modern application/xhtml+xml MIME type serving for modern browsers, like Mozilla or Opera. IE compatibility also has been improved.
There have been also many bugfixes and little improvements, thus making 0.0.8 our best release to date. Go get your copy now! :)

Posted by Lukas Petrovicky 2004-12-14

U-blog! 0.0.7 finally released!

After a little longer delay, U-blog! is back in! This release is a lot important as it brings INSTALL SCRIPTS. These allow you to deploy U-blog! into your environment in a few easy-to-use steps.
We significantly improved database-engine independence of the whole system.
Administrative interface got a better accessibility, usability and also an improved security.
We added one new language, it's Brazilian Portugese. However, Russian language lacks install scripts, so if you select Russian there, you'll get back to English.

Posted by Lukas Petrovicky 2004-11-08

U-blog! 0.0.6 [dev] re-released!

This release only fixes one bug (#1036126 - Error with config.php). However, this bug prevented U-blog! from running and that's a good reason for re-release.

Posted by Lukas Petrovicky 2004-09-28

U-blog! 0.0.6 [dev] released!

11 days are over and we're back with a brand new release of U-blog!, the ultimate webloggin tool!

this is really a break-through one as it introduces DATABASE ENGINE INDEPENDENCE (using AdoDB). this allows you to run U-blog! with almost any database engine, including PostgreSQL, MS SQL or others.

we also added 3 NEW TRANSLATIONS. they are French, German and Russian. thanks everyone for contribution!... read more

Posted by Lukas Petrovicky 2004-09-24

U-blog! 0.0.5 released!

Developers of U-blog!, the ultimate weblogging tool, are proud to present a new and improved version, the 0.0.5. This release introduces brand new and cool skin, Italian translation, brings back a calendar and simplifies administrative interface. Also, there have been many code cleanups. More on the project website.

Posted by Lukas Petrovicky 2004-09-13

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