values() method TIntObjectHashMap in Trove 3.0.3 does not work as mentioned in JavaDocs

  • Varun Rally

    Varun Rally - 2014-03-17


    This is in reference to Trove 3.0.3. I am using


    The values() method in Javadoc states that it would return an array of String in this case, as the method signature in javadocs is

    public V[] values()

    whereas, I observed, this is not happening, the return type is Object[]. I checked source code, and it indeed is returning Object[] instead of V[].

    Can you please confirm if this is a known issue. The fix looks simple, and I would like to voluteer to make the fix, if that is permitted in all relevant classes and contribute to one of the best open source library.

    Please suggest next steps.

    Varun Rally

  • Rob Eden

    Rob Eden - 2014-03-17

    The return type should be Object[] rather than V[]. This has been fixed in the codebase for a while, but we haven't done a release for a while. I'll see if I can put a pre-release build together later today or tomorrow.



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