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Rob Eden
  • Rob Eden

    Rob Eden - 2013-02-15

    Hello all -

    To cut to the chase: I've had it with SourceForge. Their latest site redesign has made the entire site extremely painful to use and administer.

    So, we will be moving development to BitBucket. The SF site will indicate that we've moved and will continue to house older releases and the old CVS and SVN repos.

    Git will be used for version control on the new repo.

    Over the next week or two I'll be transitioning things over. I'm planning this order for the process:

    1. Basic repository setup
    2. Move code
    3. Update SF site to indicate new location
    4. Move tracker issues

    We're overdue for a maintenance release, so I'll working on getting that out after the move is complete.

    I'll keep this thread updated with progress. If you have any concerns or questions[1], ask away.


    [1] Question number one, I'm sure, will be why we didn't choose GitHub. The answer is that they dropped support for file hosting (i.e., distributing release binaries) which I consider essential. Here is their announcement about it. Yes, I could set up Amazon S3 or Dropbox or something, but I use these sites to make it all easy. More work means we're less likely to bother fixing someone's bug (as illustrated by how long it's been since a Trove maintenance release happened).

  • Rob Eden

    Rob Eden - 2013-02-24

    Tracker issues have all been moved. At this point the transition is pretty much complete.

    I'm still considering what to do with discussion forums. For the moment, these will stay with SF.


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