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These are now prioritized, in order of decreasing priority...

---- TODO ----

  TCS reading of the BIOS/IMA controlled PCR's and related config file changes.
    11/30 - system for adding unique event log sources added. IMA's is TBD.

  TCS Key Context Mgr.
    11/30 - keys are now reference counted, key loading and evicting is atomic

  TCS context handles shouldprobably be random numbers, not incremental.

  Implement Tspi get event functions so that if ppEvent == NULL, only the number of events is

  Make sure some GetCap call returns the version of the TSS software instead of a TPM version.

  User PS assumes 1 TSP context per-process. spi_context.c:119

  What to do when key->time_stamp loops?

  Setting a key's policy's secret after Key_CreateKey is called results in TCPA_AUTHFAIL. Make
    sure this is the desired behavior. If not, maybe throw some kind of error on Key_CreateKey,
    or throw a statment into the SNAFU's doc.

  Return code layer correctness.
    High level testcases needed to flush out bad return codes
    Make sure bitmasks for return codes are correct at each level (TSP, TCS, TDDL, TPM)

  Audit memory freeing everywhere. getSPIMemory was being used as a crutch for
    freeing memory.

  Audit code for fault tolerance when reading in bogus data.

  TCS Bind/Unbind
   - PKCSv15 ES seems not to work, investigate

   TCS GetRegisteredKeyBlob
   TCS SetOwnerInstall

  Name ps functions rationally so that we can audit ps cache checking functions vs. functions
    that need to actually open the ps file on disk.

  Check for locking sanity. PS functions specifically with flock and disk_cache_lock.

  i18n work

  Get rid of magic numbers.
   - offsets into blobs
   - use NULL_{OBJECTYPE} instead of 0

  AIK path
   - Creation of a TPM identity
     - Source of the platform, endorsement and conformance credentials must be determined
     - Code path from TSP to TPM must be verified
   - Collate identity request function (encryption of the identity info under the CA's pubkey)
     - format of key received from a CA must be determined
     - Code path from TSP to TPM must be verified
   - Activation of the identity
     - Format of the statement received from the CA must be determined
     - Code path from TSP to TPM must be verified

---- LIMBO ----

  Support pLoadKeyInfo pointer in all LoadKeyByUUID calls.
   - Supported on the TCS side. Full utilization by the TSP has yet to be implemented. This
     was never supported by the windows TSS according to RCC. 10/21/04

   TCS ChangeAuthAsym{Start|Finish}
   - According to the TSSWG, these functions have been deprecated. Look into these further.

  Implement the TSS 1.2 policy for remote connections API access controls.
   - The 1.2 access control policies appear to be based on OS auth

---- DONE ---- (DONE means designed, coded and unit tested)

  Revisit threading in the TCSD, there are loose ends.  Check signal handling. Polish up
    the TRM.
    - Done 12/08

  Make sure temporary keys are cleaned up on TCS context close.
    - added 11/30, keys are now reference counted

  11/15/04 Bugfixes:
    tcsd.conf was getting "${prefix}" in the path to system.data when no prefix was specified.

  Re-write TCS GetCapability function.
    - sometimes we return hard coded stuff
    - Done. 11/04 This is fine, TCS caps are hard coded, TPM caps always go to the chip.

  Make the TSP's port configurable
   - Done 11/04, use the environemnt variable "TSS_TCSD_PORT"

  Make sure the passing of possibly NULL parameter between the TSP
    and TCS is done in a consistent way.
   - Done 10/29ish

   TCS Event Mgr. functions
   - Done 10/28.

  Detect when the TCSD response to a TSP request fails, so that the TCS session related to
   that socket can be closed cleanly.
  - Done! TSP connections to the TCS are now persistent. The TCSD also can associate a connection
    with a TCS context and clean up a broken connection. 10/21/04

   - Auth Change key support added. 10/06/04
   - Added checks for conflicting init flags on all Tspi_Context_CreateObject calls. 10/06/04

  UNICODE stuff
    - Fixes in the Tspi_Context_Connect path wrt UNICODE conversion of TCS server name. 10/06
    - All testcases now run on any host, use the GLOBALSERVER var in common/common.h to set
      the destination TCSD hostname. 10/06

  Auth Mgr:
    - added a retry loop for auth requests in the TSP. This should match the logic in
      other known TSP's. 10/04/04

  Policy lifetime TIMER doesn't yet work
    - Done 09/27/04

  Several functions throw tcsd_wrap.c:149 errors (attempt to read
  data past the end of the TCSD packet).  Fix these.
    - Done 09/24/04, These were related to NULL parameters passed between the TCS and TSP

 TCS/TSP free memory handling
    - Done 09/24/04, NULL passed to Tspi_Context_FreeMemory does the right thing. This is
      now called implicitly on a Tspi_Context_Close() call.

 Auth Mgr:
    - added context_close_auth() function 09/13/04
    - need true swapping capabilities
     - Done 09/23/04

  TCSD locking of all shared data structures
    - locking around setObject calls, check all lists
    - Done 09/17/04, need tests to verify

  Verified testcases pass:
   TCS DirRead
     - implemented 09/14/04
   TCS DirWriteAuth
     - implemented 09/14/04
   TCS Seal/Unseal
     - Seal implemented 09/13/04
     - Unseal implemented on 09/16/04

  In leiu of a patch to OpenSSL enabling passing an OAEP padding parameter
      (which was shot down), an actual OAEP padding implementation.
    - Done 08/05/04

  rpm packaging.  It should be the job of the rpm to:
    - create a user/group named tss
    - chown /dev/tpm and /var/tpm to tss.tss
   - Done 09/09/04

  Do user/group install changes for the source install
    - create a user/group named tss, etc.
  - Done 08/27/04

  Multi-threaded TCSD
    - Done 08/12/04

  UNICODE work
    - Done 09/01/04

  Link build time install targets to necessary #define's (tcsd.conf, etc)
    - Done 08/27/04

  remove all -1/UNKNOWN returns
  - Done, sometime

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