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--- a/dist/trousers.spec.in
+++ b/dist/trousers.spec.in
@@ -2,12 +2,6 @@
 %define name		@PACKAGE@
 %define version		@VERSION@
 %define release		1
-%ifarch ppc64 x86_64 ia64 s390x
-%define arch64 1
-%define packages64 cairo-devel-64bit, glitz-devel-64bit, fontconfig-devel-64bit, freetype2-devel-64bit, xorg-x11-devel-64bit, libpng-devel-64bit
-%define pkgconfig_path /opt/gnome/lib64/pkgconfig:/usr/lib64/pkgconfig
 # RPM specfile for the trousers project
@@ -15,14 +9,13 @@
 Summary:	Implementation of the TCG's Software Stack v1.1 Specification
 Version:	%{version}
 Release:	%{release}
-License:	BSD
+License:	CPL
 Group:		Productivity/Security
 Source:		%{name}-%{version}.tar.gz
 Url:		http://www.sf.net/projects/trousers
 BuildRoot:	%{_tmppath}/%{name}-%{version}-root
 PreReq:		/usr/sbin/groupadd /usr/sbin/useradd /bin/chown
 Requires:	gtk+ >= 2.0, openssl
-BuildRequires:	gtk+ >= 2.0, openssl %{?arch64:,%{packages64}}
 TrouSerS is an implementation of the Trusted Computing Group's Software Stack
@@ -34,18 +27,15 @@
 %package	devel
 Summary:	TrouSerS header files and documentation
 Group:		Productivity/Security
-Requires:	trousers
+Requires:	trousers >= 0.1.0
 %description	devel
-Header files and man pages for use in creating Trusted Computing enabled
+Header files and man pages for use in creating TSS enabled applications.
-%{?arch64:export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=%{pkgconfig_path}:$PKG_CONFIG_PATH}
-./configure --prefix=/usr --libdir=%{_libdir}
@@ -77,14 +67,23 @@
 # create the default location for the persistent store files
-if test -e %{_localstatedir}/tpm; then
-	mkdir -p %{_localstatedir}/tpm
-	/bin/chown tss:tss %{_localstatedir}/tpm
-	/bin/chmod 1777 %{_localstatedir}/tpm
+if test -e @localstatedir@/tpm; then
+	mkdir -p @localstatedir@/tpm
+	/bin/chown tss.tss @localstatedir@/tpm
+	/bin/chmod 1777 @localstatedir@/tpm
+# create the device file if it DNE
+if test ! -e /dev/tpm; then
+	/bin/mknod /dev/tpm c 10 224
+# set the device file appropriately
+/bin/chown tss.tss /dev/tpm
+/bin/chmod 0600 /dev/tpm
 # chown the daemon
-/bin/chown tss:tss %{_sbindir}/tcsd
+/bin/chown tss.tss %{_sbindir}/tcsd
@@ -101,18 +100,13 @@
 # The files for the base package, 'trousers'
 %attr(755, tss, tss) %{_sbindir}/tcsd
 %config %attr(600, tss, tss) %{_sysconfdir}/tcsd.conf
 # The files to be used by developers, 'trousers-devel'
 %files		devel

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