tpm-tools 1.3.1 released

Now available for download is tpm-tools 1.3.1, which adds additional TSS 1.2 support lacking in 1.3.0, and also fixes a bug.

A new command was added to the tools, tpm_restrictsrk, which controls who can read the SRK's public key, toggling between only the owner (the default in a 1.2 TPM) and both the owner and those who know the SRK password. You can see the current setting using the -s flag.

Additionally support for the TSS 1.2's popup hash mode flag was added, which fixes a bug in 1.3.0. Previous versions of tpm-tools did not remove the NULL terminating character from unicode passwords, which kept them from working when entered through the GUI dialog.

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Posted by Kent Yoder 2007-11-21

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