New Releases of TrouSerS, tpm-tools


New releases of both the TrouSerS TSS 1.1 and 1.2 branches are now
available, as well as a new version of tpm-tools with TPM 1.2 support.
These new releases are:


The first release of tpm-tools with TPM 1.2 support now allows for
the creation of a revokable endorsement key (with the ability to
revoke the key as well), a tpm_resetdalock command to reset the
dictionary attack lock, support for setting secrets as the TSS's
"well known" secret of all zeros (for compatibility with Windows TSS's)
and a tpm_setoperatorauth command, to set the authorization for
a set temp deactivated call. Also, this release's tpm_version command
will print TPM 1.2 specific version information.


This release has a large changelog for bug fixes, thanks to the
trousers user community. Please see the top level ChangeLog file
for a complete rundown. As for features, 0.3.1 now supports
delegated authorization sessions and is compatible with TPMs
that have deleted 1.1 ordinals.


The latest TSS 1.1 version, who's only major update is the use of
TPM 1.1 PCR structures. If you're using the trousers 0.2 code on a
1.2 TPM, this fix will keep PCR use working.



Posted by Kent Yoder 2007-11-02

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