> 1. too much white space. I hate to have to scroll my mail when I
> am checking dozens of these every morning.  Rows of equal signs?


> 2. NOTHING usefull is at the top.  I know what the hostname is. It
> was in the from address of the email.  Same for the IP, and the date.
> Remove all this.  I want meat and I want it at the top.

This isn't always the case though. People have their systems setup to mail
in bizarre ways, and often run on many system with emails going to a central
place. I agree it could be cut down to a couple of lines though.

> 3.   Summaries?  This is useless. I want facts, not
> aggregates.  Knowing that 5 files were changed is useless. 
> I need to know WHICH 5 files
> and what was changed, in one glance.  I often get good

Okay, I can see this -- but the v1.3 report doesn't give you exactly what
you are looking for either, you have to wade through a list _what_ changed
before you get to the details of how it changed.

Some happy medium here would be nice.

> 4. Then WAY too much details.  I already get reports that are 100k in
> the OLD format. The new format is WAY to much stuff to wade through.
> It takes 20 lines to provide almost the same detail as the
> OLD report does in one line.  Multiply by 1000 changed files and the results are
> horrendous.  Looking at 1 change to a screen is just not possible.

Again, I can see your point. You only want the properties which changed to
be listed.

> If some people like the new format then keep it, but a LOT of us
> have many years of experience with the old one and are having a hard
> time converting to Tripwire 2 because of it.

I don't know that anyone has expressed a strong opinion outside of you.

I will certainly make a pass at cleaning up the report format, and it looks
like I can count on you to provide some feedback.